Incarceration, Re-Entry and Recovery

  • 3P3D Mentorship Program

    3P3D Mentorship Program 3-P 3-D (3-P: Pitzer, Pomona and Pomona Unified School District; 3-D: Desire, Discipline, Dedication) is a leadership development program that allows Pitzer and Pomona college students to mentor, teach and grow alongside Pomona Unified School District high school students.  3-P 3-D’s mission is simple: to provide high school students with the tools necessary to become positive change agents in their schools and in their communities.  The program achieves this goal through a leadership curriculum that focuses on the 3 D’s of any successful leader: Desire, Discipline and Dedication. The 3-P 3-D program focuses on Pomona Unified School District high school students by developing close, personal relationships with their college mentors at Pitzer and Pomona colleges.  High school students are often lacking positive, relatable role models who can make lasting impacts in their lives. Pitzer and Pomona students have the opportunity to be the role models that many high school students so desperately need. FMI:

  • Camp Afflerbaugh-Paige

    Camp Afflerbaugh-Paige Camp Afflerbaugh-Paige is an LA County juvenile probation camp located in La Verne, California that houses male wards ages 13-18 for sentences of 6-18 months. While incarcerated at this facility, the wards are required to attend the Camp Afflerbaugh-Paige (Camp AP) high school, an LA County Office of Education high school. Since 2001, Pitzer has worked in partnership with the camps and Pitzer students are invited to work in the high school classrooms designing or helping with a number of different programs. Camp AP is a setting where Pitzer students and incarcerated minors get the opportunity to break down barriers and exchange knowledge. The programming has reciprocal benefits of changing the way minors view themselves and how the school and probation staff view them. Our programs challenge both Pitzer and Camp students to discover capabilities and skills within themselves and empower each other as teachers. 6621 N. Stephens Ranch Road La Verne, CA 91750 LA County Office of Education LA County Probation Department  

    Programming/Clearance/Internship Inquiries:

    Pitzer Hecker Fellow: Yijie Wang

    Inside Out related Inquiries:

    Program Manager for Justice Education Initiative: Tyee Griffith

  • Crossroads

    Crossroads Crossroads, located in Claremont, provides housing, education, career services and counseling at no cost to women who have been incarcerated. Our goal is to empower women and help them to become contributing members of society so they won’t return to prison. Volunteers play an important role in accomplishing this goal. One way to get involved is through our Saturday morning gardening program where students, the women of Crossroads and community volunteers work together at our two transitional living homes to help grow and enhance the vegetable gardens. Another area of involvement is in our boutique where volunteers are needed to sort and organize clothes and other items that are donated to Crossroads. TB test, application package and the Crossroads orientation are requirements. Vicki Claudius:  1 (909) 626-7847 or

  • Inland Congregations United for Change (ICUC)

    Inland Congregations United for Change (ICUC) Through community organizing, youth leaders are making change around issues of violence and racism among youth in the Inland Empire. ICUC has been successful in uniting schools, neighborhoods, religious congregations and others to mobilize for change. Pitzer students have been involved in community organizing, conducting ongoing research and organizing actions for social change. Inland Empire youth serviced by ICUC are in need of college mentorship. Days/times may vary. Pitzer in Ontario faculty Tom Dolan: Clearance Requirements: Liability Waiver; Photo Release; CEC Ethics Contract; attend mandatory CEC Orientation.

  • Prison Education Program (PEP)

    Prison Education Program (PEP) The Prison Education Project expands educational opportunities for inmates at the California Institution for Men, the California Institution for Women, the California Rehabilitation Center, the Ventura Youth Correctional Facility, and the Old Folsom Men & Women’s facilities. PEP has serviced over 1,700 inmates in these six facilities. Professor, Renford Reese, is the founder/director of PEP. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Office of Correctional Education and PEP have embraced a progressive and innovative approach to supplementing and expanding educational opportunities for their incarcerated students. Enhancing the educational services will promote the developmental growth of the inmate population and should prove to contribute significantly to the transformation of their lives. The ultimate goal is to provide these inmate-students with the cognitive tools necessary to function as productive citizens, which will also translate to recidivism reduction. The over arching philosophy of PEP is to use the resources in the backyard of each of the state’s prisons to make change e.g. university student and faculty volunteers. Pitzer students have the opportunity to volunteer at one of these correctional facilities once per week (90-minute sessions) for seven weeks. Students can choose between facilitating Academic Orientation presentations or tutoring in Math or Literacy in the prison’s pre-GED program.


    Program Manager for Justice Education Initiative: Tyee Griffith