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  • Prototypes

    Prototypes Women’s Center Pomona Prototypes Center for Innovation in Health, Mental Health and Social Services is a nonprofit agency that was founded in 1986 to help “women and their families who are dealing with complex problems such as substance abuse, mental illness, HIV/AIDS, homelessness, domestic violence and other trauma.” 831 E. Arrow Highway Pomona, CA 91767 1 (909) 398-4383 Faculty Liaison: Laura Harris – Professor of English and World Literature


    Programming/Clearance/Internship Inquiries:

    Pitzer Hecker Fellow: Yijie Wang

    Inside Out related Inquiries:

    Program Manager for Justice Education Initiative: Tyee Griffith

  • dA Center for the Arts

    dA Center for the Arts The mission of the dA Center for the Arts, a diverse, multi-discipline, non-profit organization is to enhance the quality of life for the greater community by educating and providing opportunities to experience, appreciate and support the arts. The dA believes that providing an avenue for self-expression for all ages and all populations is essential in bridging the distance from alienation to community. The dA believes that art does not discriminate and more importantly it offers a universal language for shared dialogue which increases understanding which is vital to empowering, transforming, healing and building communities. Since it’s inception the dA has never waivered from providing a place where people can take a stake in culture as a hobby, a profession, or an interested observer. Art enhances the quality of life and the dA is accessible to everyone in an inviting atmosphere. The dA unlike any other cultural organization in the surrounding Pomona community invites, encourages, educates, evolves individual’s artistic spirit and in turn enhances the quality of life for the person as well as the community at large. Phone: 1 (909) 397-9716 Email: