5c Student Club Collaborations

Claremont Supported Agriculture (Claremont Market Shares)
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Claremont Agricultural supported is a club that supports locol farmers and promotes health equity by providing locally grown fresh food to the campus community.

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Collaboration with day laborers from the Pomona Economic Opportunity Center and Pitzer Students.

Tutors for a Cuse (TFAC)
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Isabella Pollalis [email protected]

On-campus and student-run, the objective of our tutoring and mentoring program is to attend to the under-served children of our own community. By working with children of our dining hall staff, Pitzer students are able to cultivate personal and meaningful relationships with staff members who work hard for us every day, yet remain nameless faces to the majority of students served. Tutors for a Cause was founded in 2007, when members of our dining hall staff expressed concern that they could not provide their children with critical homework help. To meet this need, founder Nancy Murillo (PZ ’10) envisioned a program in which Pitzer students would share both their academic and non-academic abilities with the children of our staff.