Community Engagement Center Staff

The CEC is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00pm. Make an appointment with one of our staff members today if you are interested in volunteering.

Email | [email protected] for all general inquires or message one of our staff below!

Phone | 909.607.8183

CEC Staff

Tricia Morgan, MA
Community Engagement Center Director

Scott Hall 108 C

Jessica J. Chairez, MPH
Assistant Director of Community Engagement

Scott Hall 108 B

Jack Contreras, BA
Office Manager for Community Engagement

Event, Financial, and Web support

Scott Hall 108

Ari Wood, BA
Pitzer Hecker Community Fellow

Programming, SRX and Internship support

Scott Hall 108 A 909.607.8183

CEC Student Leaders

The People’s Pitzer (TPP)

Alaina Neuburger, PZ’24, TPP Program Assistant
Amanda Gomez, PZ’23, TPP Program Assistant

Native Indigenous Initiatives (NI)

Ale Rodriguez, PZ’24, NI Program Assistant
Jansikwe Medina- Tayac, PZ’25, NI Program Assistant
Sara Orr, PZ’25, NI, Program Assistant

Direct Action at Pitzer ([email protected])

Chaiyia Taylor-Jackson, PZ’23, DA Program Assistant
Solange Baker, PZ’23, DA Program Assistant

Social Media, Communications and Art (SMAC)

Ada Cohen, PZ’22, SMAC Program Assistant
Sia Were, PZ’25, SMAC Program Assistant

Amplifying Black Communities (ABC)

Fatoumata Dioubate, PZ’24, ABC Program Assistant


Jenessa Flores Parker, Jumpstart Site Manager

Jenessa Flores Parker, MA
Jumpstart Site Manager

Atherton Hall 415-417