Support for BSU Address 2020

Dear Pitzer,

On September 14th, 2020 the Pitzer Black Student Union shared their BSU 2020 Address detailing how Pitzer can support the success of our Black students. The Community Engagement Center stands in full support of the Pitzer Black Student Union’s address and their suggestions for improvement.

It is a powerful and thoughtful document addressed to all of us (each individual and department at our college as part of the Pitzer community). We urge everyone to read it in its entirety right away and consider what power each of us has personally to influence hiring, recruitment, budget, anti-racist training, resource accessibility and distribution decisions through committees or in our own departments/ field groups – often more than we think. Upon reading you will find these are nearly the same suggestions made by the Claremont Colleges Black Student Union of 1968/9 which are still pressing concerns for our Black students today – it is well past time. We must learn, reflect, and act – all of us, and at every level of the college.

CEC is thankful to BSU students for creating this incredible address and sharing it with our community; we reaffirm our Pitzer values and our CEC commitment to support Black Lives, Black Success, and our Black students.

We encourage everyone to read, support, and widely share the BSU 2020 Address, which can be accessed from the BSU linktree along with zoom backgrounds, and sign their petition here

In Solidarity

The Staff of the Community Engagement Center