AAPI Love and Solidarity

C/W: Anti-Asian Hate, Misogyny, Violence, and White Supremacy

Dear Friends,

At CEC our hearts are broken for all AAPI members of our community and we want you to know that we stand with you in condemnation of these violent attacks. If you were unaware, please know that AAPI communities have been facing increasing attacks for their Asian identities that are rooted in white supremacy, particularly violence aimed at elders and women. These attacks are not new but have been steadily growing and increased dramatically during the pandemic. We know why this has happened. We have seen hate-filled rhetoric toward AAPI communities bombasted on international platforms by the highest office holders of our country. This has emboldened their supporters to demonize, scapegoat, and systematically target AAPI people.

The most recent attack took the lives of eight people in Georgia including these four individuals who have been identified:

This devastating event is a reminder that white supremacy is closely interwoven with misogyny, violence, colorism, and socio-economic class – they work together to function and uphold each other. Womyn and femmes around the world face gender-based violence every day. One of the ways in which white supremacists function to seek control and sow division is by driving wedges that may seem insurmountable between groups of people who actually are allies. All racial injustice in this country can be traced back to white supremacy and economic injustice and closely linked with the subjugation of and violence toward women. These are the deeply grown roots which continue to produce the fruits of violence we see today. And of course, we cannot fail to understand the connections between these and the acts of colonialism, imperialism, and militarism which are woven into the very fabric of our nation.

To our AAPI friends and family, we love and cherish you. We promise to continue working each day to dismantle systems of white supremacy, gendered violence, and economic injustice. 

To our non-AAPI friends and family, we ask that you continue to learn and grow personally to understand the ways in which anti-Asian violence is perpetuated every day and what you can personally do to stop it. One of the simplest ways but sadly an action that is most commonly overlooked, is to simply speak up and say something to challenge stereotypes and hurtful/ inaccurate statements any time you hear them, especially with the people closest to you. In this article, Hate Crime is Not (ONLY) My Problem, a diagram is provided which helps illustrate how hate can escalate but also when/ how it can be interrupted. Remember to check in with AAPI loved ones, friends, students, and co-workers; hold (or at least offer) much needed space for processing privately/ collectively; show up for each other and show care to one another. Donate money, supplies, or your time to a local, trusted organization doing the work on the ground. Consider contributing toward mutual aid efforts near you or offering to walk with people or help them run their errands to reduce risk of being alone or targeted; there is much we can do for each other.

Here are some organizations/ resources to help you learn more and to take action in support of AAPI communities:

If you have additional resources, organizations or information that you would like us to share, please let us know and we will include them in a list of resources we will be adding to our website for future access.

In Solidarity,

The Staff of the Community Engagement Center