CASA Pitzer Community Partners & Projects

CASA Pitzer students can pick from several applied, long-term action research opportunities to fulfill their 125-hour internship requirement. Students may participate in a CASA Pitzer-initiated project or work with an established group that organizes and conducts campaigns to improve local communities.

In-depth and longitudinal community partnerships and projects include community gardening, health and food justice education and advocacy (Huerta del Valle and Salud Mental), labor organizing (Warehouse Workers Resource Center), immigrant justice and youth organizing (Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice and Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Coalition),  critical mentoring and education (Youth Mentoring Action Network), support for local arts and artists (Arts Area), and criminal justice advocacy and transitional housing (Starting Over, Inc. and All of Us or None).

  • The Arts Area

    The Arts Area, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, provides professional development, civic advocacy, and resource support for the creative industries of the Inland Empire of Southern California. The creative industries are those industries that comprise the creative economy, defined as the businesses, organizations, and individuals involved in producing cultural, artistic, and design goods and services. Through collaborations with schools, arts organizations, community leaders, and businesses The Arts Area is improving academic and economic opportunities for artists and students in local underserved communities.

  • Huerta del Valle

    Huerta del Valle is a community garden and urban agriculture project in Ontario that has grown out of collaboration between the Pitzer in Ontario program and community members. The project is supported by the City of Ontario and a partnership of organizations working to improve community health through comprehensive environmental, educational, policy and promotional strategies.

    Learn more about Huerta del Valle.

  • Warehouse Workers Resource Center

    While the warehouse workers of the Inland Empire play a crucial role in our global economy,they often work for temp agencies and endure severe injustices. Warehouse Workers Resource Center is a labor organizing group working to fight for better jobs, higher wages, affordable healthcare, better working conditions, and the freedom to choose a union.

    Learn more about Warehouse Workers United