Pitzer Professional Directory

The Pitzer Professional Directory (PPD) is an online, searchable database of Pitzer alumni and current parents/family members that is accessible by students for career planning and connecting purposes.  This can be a powerful tool to identify individuals who are working in industries of interest for informational interviewing and career guidance. Students can search the Directory based on a number of criteria, including industry, profession, geography, Pitzer major, and organization name. Only alumni and parents/family members with active e-mail addresses and organization names appear in the Directory.

Seniors and juniors automatically have access to the PPD through the Student Portal, “Career Services” tab – https://mycampus2.pitzer.edu/ics/.  Sophomores, first-years, and persons with other student status designations wishing to access the Pitzer Professional Directory must request access from Pitzer Career Services.  The best way to do so is to schedule a brief appointment through Handshake – https://pitzer.joinhandshake.com/  The brief appointment will help to ensure that students are informed concerning the best ways to utilize the resource and reach out to potential connections.  Prior to using the Directory, students must agree to the Terms and Conditions as described in the directory.

Please contact Pitzer Career Services with any questions you may have at [email protected] or 909-621-8519.