Career Development Strategies and Resources in a Time of COVID-19

Though this is a uniquely challenging time, there are strategies that you can employ and resources that you can utilize to take a proactive and productive approach to career development during this time. Pitzer Career Services has compiled a few of these for your below.

Updated Opportunity 7/31/20: A free course on contact tracing that you can do virtually. This can be a great opportunity for skill building for future internships or research.

Career Strategies

  • Connect with Professionals
    If done with care and sensitivity, this can be a powerful time to make career connections and have informative conversations and interactions with professionals. Pitzer Career Services can help you know the resources and techniques for connecting with Pitzer and 7C alumni, family members, and others. 
  • Get Your Career Tools Ready
    • Create a professional on-line presence and clean-up your social media accounts
    • Update your resume and know how to create impactful cover letters
    • Practice virtual interviewing – even before COVID-19, virtual interviewing was growing in popularity. Use this time to hone your virtual interviewing skills.
  • Take Care of Yourself and Others 
    With all that is happening, it is important to take care of yourself and offer support to others.  Pitzer “Strive 2 Thrive” campaign has collected a lot of resources to assist during this challenging time. 

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Other Resources