Pitzer Internship Fund

Supporting the Pitzer Internship Fund

The Pitzer Internship Fund (PIF) is the result of generous gifts from Pitzer Alumni, Parents, and Friends to provide funding for unpaid or very low-paid summer internships. The goal of the Pitzer Internship Fund is to support student engagement in meaningful internship experiences that facilitate career exploration and the development of professional skills and networks.  Both broad research and anecdotal evidence have shown that participation in internship experiences has significant benefits for a student’s long-term career prospects.

Each year, the demand for internship funding increases and students depend upon generous donors to help them pursue their career aspirations.  Though any amount is appreciated, a $3,000 donation supports the internship experience of one student for the summer.

To donate visit our giving page. Thank you for your generosity! If you have questions about giving, please contact Sabrina Castro, Assistant Director of Annual Giving or Shannon Spaccarotelli, Senior Director for Alumni & Family Engagement and Annual Giving.  For questions about the Pitzer Internship Fund, contact Brad Tharpe, Associate Dean of Students & Director of Career Services.

Pitzer Internship Fund Reflections – Summer 2023

Major: Environmental Analysis
Graduation Year: 2024
“I would not have had the opportunity to pursue an unpaid internship, and definitely would not have been able to do it in person, without the Pitzer Internship Fund. Because of the generous grant I received, I was able to live in Berkeley for a month and work in a government agency. The nature of the work, living in a new city, and the daily commute created a valuable experience that taught me a lot about myself and my aspirations.”

Major: Economics
Graduation Year: 2024
“As an international student, I have limited resources to get funded while staying in the US. However, thanks to PIF, I was able to maximize my summer experience as a super senior. It was crucial to develop my career side this summer because I will graduate this winter. Although I initially just had an internship for a recruiting agency, I was fortunate to do an additional internship for an angel investment group, which would not have been possible without the PIF.”

Major: Sociology
Graduation Year: 2025
“PIF allowed me to take part in a meaningful experience with an impactful nonprofit organization that does not have their own means of funding for interns. I am grateful for PIF for encouraging students to pursue such opportunities and compensating students for their time and work.”