How to Help Your Student

Red apple surrounded by green applesThe career development and planning process can be stressful for both students and families, but it can also be incredibly rewarding and empowering. The Pitzer Career Services office works with students as individuals, and strives to help them customize career plans that take into account their unique likes, interests, preferences, skills, values, and needs.

A 4-Year Action Plan: Career Exploration and Planning at Pitzer College.
This video is aimed for Pitzer parents and family members and offers an overview of Pitzer’s career development resources and describes a general 4-year process of career exploration and planning for Pitzer students.

Please refer to the information about how to Map Out a Career Plan for specific career planning steps that every Pitzer student should strive to take each year. You can also support your Pitzer student by:

  • Encouraging your student to work with Career Services early and often during each academic year (for resume reviews, cover letter writing, practice interviews, networking resources, employer relationships, job and internship opportunities, researching industries and professions, grad school application support, and a variety of other things)
  • Supporting networking and relationship building for your student
  • Asking your student about updating their resume and cover letter regularly (at a minimum, at the beginning of each academic year)
  • Encouraging your student to get involved in extracurricular activities outside the classroom, to develop leadership and other important skills
  • Asking your student about career-related events and programs at Pitzer and at the Claremont Colleges (as a way of subtly reminding your student to participate in these programs)
  • Encouraging your student to have productive summers after first, second, and third year
  • Providing general support and encouragement during the career development process and keeping an open mind as your student begins to develop a post-graduation career plan