Linda LamLinda Lam

Before coming to Pitzer, Linda was the Community Engagement Coordinator at the Intercollegiate Department of Asian American Studies at the Claremont Colleges, where she was responsible for developing relationships with community partners and assisting IDAAS faculty. She worked closely with students to coordinate community projects with adults and youth in nearby cities and organized community programs such as the Intergenerational Mentor Program with Pomona College’s Asian American Mentoring Program and Artist/Activist-in-Residence program.

Linda graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Psychology and Asian American Studies. At UCLA, Linda found her passion for addressing issues facing Asian American/Pacific Islander students and communities. She was involved with Asian American student organizations as well as the student of color coalition, Office of Residential Life, and student government. After UCLA, she worked in non-profit organizations in her hometown of Los Angeles.

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  • 2015-2016 Staff

    Alexa Strabuk ’17
    Major: Media Studies
    Hometown: Bainbridge Island, WA
    Ethnicity: Chinese American
    Extracurriculars:  Editor with The Student Life newspaper, freelance journalist for Mochi Magazine, AAJA Los Angeles Scholar

    Ultimately I’d like to pursue a career in journalism and/or media communication. The media is an immensely powerful instrument and journalists are the ultimate communicators, intermediaries, when it comes to shedding light on stories away from the mainstream. At CAPAS, I hope to gain tools with which to move forward productively and actively. I want to help make CAPAS a resource and a safe space for everyone, in collaboration with my wonderful co-workers. There are many APIA issues that I don’t believe get as much attention as they should and I would like to cast a spotlight upon these issues, opening a line of discourse between those who identify as part of the APIA community, as well as those outside of it.

    Brandon Hsiu ’18
    Major: Economics-Accounting
    Hometown: Chicago (born) and Chino Hills (raised)
    Ethnicity: Chinese-Taiwanese American
    Extracurriculars: Finance & Accounting Club, Tutors For A Cause, SaturdayTongan Education Program (STEP), Computer Lab Desk Assistant, Claremont Accounting Association

    I want to obtain an internship my senior year and eventually work at PwC, one of the “Big Four” public accounting firms. When I have time, I also want to start another non-profit organization focused on the importance of education in underprivileged areas. In CAPAS, I hope to bring a larger community of A/AAPI students together and make them feel more comfortable in the already stressful college environment they are in. In addition, I want CAPAS to be a center not only for those that identify as A/AAPI, but also as a resource for other minority groups as well.

    Jennifer Kaku ’18
    Major: Asian American Studies, Anthropology
    Hometown: Arlington, VA
    Ethnicity: Japanese American
    Extracurricular: CAPAS, Office of Admissions tour guide, Sponsor for the Asian Pacific American Coalition

    I hope to create fun activities for CAPAS in the future that supports underrepresented students under the Asian/ Asian American/ Pacific Islander title. I also want to work with other organizations within the 5Cs to open up the space to wider audiences.

    Jo Huang ’19
    Major: Linguistics
    Hometown: born and raised in Shenzhen, China!
    Ethnicity: Chinese
    Extracurricular: music mentors, Pomona Pitzer Intervarsity, CAPAS!

    I plan on going graduate school and eventually earn a doctoral degree in linguistics.

    Kimberly Ha ’18

    Kristen Park ’17

    Lena Tran ’18
    Major: Cognitive Science
    Hometown: Seattle, WA
    Ethnicity: Vietnamese-Chinese American
    Extracurriculars: Outside of CAPAS, I work at the Writing Center and am involved with APAC. Some of my interests include reading, dogs, and Sufjan Stevens.

    Lucia Zerner ’16
    Major: Anthropology
    Hometown: New York
    Ethnicity: Chinese
    Extracurriculars: CAPASSSS

    In the future I hope to work in an international NGO setting with refugees or labor migrants particularly in youth education programing. As a CAPAS volunteer I hope to be a part of an inclusive Asian American community on campus. Additionally, through CAPAS I wish to make connections with the claremont community particularly with students in public school in the area.

    Parshvi Patel ’16

    Preston Chang ’19

    Reynaldo Culannay ’17

    Riki Robinson ’18
    Major: Sociology and Asian American Studies
    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
    Ethnicity: Chinese American and Jewish
    Extracurriculars: !!CAPAS!! Bike Program. Residence Assistant. Reform Jewish Youth Engagement. Zines. Netflix. Cuddling with my cats.

    I hope CAPAS approaches social justice with an intersectional lens and is an accessible resources to students, both who do and do not identify as Asian American Pacific Islander.

    Stephen Chun ’17

    Theresa Dang ’17
    Major: Human Biology
    Hometown: San Diego, California (Born and Raised)
    Ethnicity: Vietnamese
    Extracurriculars: Mechanic at the Green Bike Program, Sponsor for APAC, Tutor for Tutors for a Cause, First Gen Mentor

    My career goal is to become become a doctor (preferably a family physician) who incorporates the more social aspect of public health in my work ethic. I am hoping that CAPAS will provide a platform on which I can initiate change and publicize my voice to the Pitzer Community, in specific AAPI issues as well as first gen student issues.

    Therese Boter ’19

  • 2014-2015 Staff

    Alexandra (Alexa) Strabuk ’17
    Major: Undeclared
    Hometown: Seattle, WA
    Ethnicity: Chinese-American
    Extracurriculars: Contributing Writer at: The Student Life and Seattle Publishing, Employee at Coop Fountain

    Erika (Riki) Robinson ’18
    Major: Undecided
    Hometown: Born in ZhanJiang, Guangdong, China and then adopted at 10 months old and moved to Los Angeles
    Ethnicity: Chinese, American, Jewish
    Extracurriculars: CAPAS! I’m deeply committed to social justice and enjoy learning about other cultures. I’m a member of the 5C Human Rights Club, Claremont Climate Justice, and the Feminist Coalition. I like running, drawing, and dancing. I also like to go to concerts.
    I hope that CAPAS can engage the 5C and surrounding community in API issues by showing that human rights are intertwined and not exclusive to the directly affected ethnic groups. I also hope that CAPAS can help API students meet each other.

    Jennifer Kaku ’18

    Josh GriseJoshua Minchul Grisé ’15
    Major: Asian Studies and Media Studies
    Hometown: Born in Gyulsung, South Korea, raised in Lexington, KY
    Ethnicity: Korean American Adoptee
    Extracurricular: Travel
    As an Asian studies and media studies major, I hope to gain much experience within both fields.  After graduation, I hope to go to graduate school for graphic design.
    I recently got back from study abroad in Korea and other personal travels to countries such as Israel and Thailand.  As a person who loves travel, I hope to continue to have more experiences abroad.  I love city life and culture and I can’t wait to go back to Seoul.

    Kirstie Simmons

    Kirsten (Kirstie) Simons ’15
    Major: Psychology
    Minor: Asian American Studies
    Hometown: Hilo, HI
    Ethnicity: Chinese and Caucasian
    Extracurricular: playing with my dogs when I’m home; doing crafty things; attempting to bake & cook; watching TV, especially the Real Housewives
    Hobbies/interests: Film and photography, editing, dance, spoken word, singing, instrumentals, musicals.
    This year, I look forward to experiencing L.A. through CAPAS and other 5C API organizations’ activities, taking more psych classes, meeting new people and making new friends.

     Kristen Park ’17
    Major: Psychology and Asian American Studies
    Hometown: Brea, California
    Ethnicity: Korean American
    Extracurriculars: I am part of the ResLife team at Pitzer College as a Residential Assistant. Also I work in the Office of Admissions as a Diversity Intern. I am also part of the community, Pomona-Pitzer christian fellowship and for fun like to go backpacking through Southern California.
    In the future I hope to work with API youth and offer services for mental health. Through CAPAS I hope to work to help destigmatize mental health in the API community, and also create a safe space for API students to come and dialogue about API issues.

    Najib Hamideh ’15

    Patricia (Patii) Doan ’16
    Major: Biology or Human Biology
    Hometown: Riverside, CA
    Ethnicity: Vietnamese American
    Extracurricular: VSA (Vietnamese Student Association), Vietnamese Language Table, Youth Group Leader at OLPH in Riverside, SACNAS (Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science), Clinical Care Extender at Riverside Community Hospital
    Interest/Hobbies: Drawing, Painting, and Running
    My names is Patricia Doan and I am a Junior and hope to go to medical school in the future. I look forward to working at CAPAS as we strive to be more community engaged and politically active this year. Through our active dialogue of AAPI issues, I hope to gain personal and professional growth by promoting CAPAS as a safe place for all students at Pitzer.

    Reynaldo Culannay ’17
    Major: Somewhere in the science area, possibly Human Biology
    Hometown: Richmond, CA (Bay Area)
    Ethnicity: Filipino American
    Hobbies: helping others; socialize with friends, play videogames (League of Legends); watch anime

    I can’t wait to take all opportunities offer here in CAPAS and the other API organizations in the 5C’s, meet with other people around the area, and most importantly, learn and grow from my experience.

    Rishov Chatterjee

    Rishov Sean Chatterjee ’18
    Major: Management Engineering
    Hometown: Born in Atlanta, GA and raised in Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    Ethnicity: Indian American (Parents from Indian state of West Bengal)
    Extracurricular: Piano and Composition, STEM Community Engagement, Asian Pacific American Student Coalition, 5CHack, Pomona Ventures, Badminton Club
    With my unique education, I aim to use my STEM-related skills to engage the community around me. From CAPAS, I am interested in learning how to apply my skill set in technology to organize and dynamically present various events and showcases in Asian-Pacific-American culture as well as involve myself in a very inviting social sphere.

  • 2013-2014 Staff

    Esther HaEsther Ha ’14
    Major: Psychology and Asian American Studies
    Hometown: Greenwich, CT
    Ethnicity: Korean American
    Extracurricular: Admission Fellow, AARC Intern, IDAAS Student Representative, Diversity Senator
    I look forward to spending my final year at Pitzer helping CAPAS develop a strong and appreciated presence through community partnerships and on-campus events. Alongside this, I hope to be able to engage in activities that will further nourish my passion for finding effective globalizing techniques for ethnic foods.

    Isabelle LeIsabelle Le ’14
    Major: Psychology and Asian American Studies
    Hometown: Honolulu, HI
    Ethnicity: Vietnamese and French
    Extracurricular: Resident Assistant, AARC Intern, Saturday Tongan Education Program Tutor

    I’m excited to spend my final year at Pitzer working with CAPAS! I hope to help create something, a great screening, a great discussion, anything that helps to continue the legacy of a critical and current API community here at Pitzer.

    I’m looking forward to our monthly food, art and mental health-related events and planning film screenings with CAPAS!

    Chloe ShihChloe Shih ’15
    Major: Management Engineering
    Hometown: Hacienda Heights, CA
    Ethnicity: Taiwanese American
    Extracurricular: Groove Nation Dance Crew, Womens’ Association of Computing Machinery, Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Student Association, Scripps and Pomona College Music Department Musician
    In the 3-2 Combined Plan Program at Keck Sciences, I’m currently on the Operations Research track for Columbia University. I’m intrigued by the problem-solving and design procedures that take place in hardware and software development. I dedicate huge portions of my life to research, science and technology, performing and visual arts, community service, and leadership. My life-long passion lies in youth empowerment through the arts and by example.

    Manu-TupperManuokalani (Manu) Tupper ’15
    Manu is a junior majoring in anthropology and environmental analysis here at Pitzer College.  He hails from Honolulu, Hawaii and enjoys lazing at the beach and hiking in his free time.  As a hapa of mixed Chinese, Native Hawaiian, and Caucasian descent, Manu appreciates and seeks to expand CAPAS’s role as a safe and dynamic space of cultural exchange and understanding.  At CAPAS, he looks forward to another year of cool people and programs and of course good food.

    Anh Tran ’16
    Hi! My name is Anh Tran and I am a current sophomore at Pitzer College, majoring in Human Biology. I am from San Diego, CA, and am a 2nd generation Vietnamese American. When I’m not at CAPAS, I am involved with 5C VSA, Women in Science, AMSA, and Upward Bound. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, baking, eating, watching movies, and hanging out with friends and family.

     Zavi Engles ’14