Will Pitzer take action based on the posts on student-talk or the Google Forms?

We take all allegations of sexual harassment and violence seriously and encourage those who posted on any public forum to report their experiences to the Title IX office or a trusted Pitzer employee. A report is different from a formal complaint, which is a signed or approved statement that initiates the College’s formal process, including an investigation and hearing. When the Title IX Office receives a report, our first priority is providing support and care to the reporting party, whether or not they choose to file a formal complaint.

Since many of the stories were shared anonymously, we’re unable to connect with the authors to discuss their well-being and determine whether they want to pursue the official College process for responding to reports. If you posted a story to an unofficial forum, we encourage you to utilize one of the reporting methods listed below or reach out to one of the resources listed like EmPOWER or Project Sister.  You do not have to file a formal complaint to get help.

We respect the decision of those who choose not to move forward with a report or formal complaint, but according to federal Title IX regulations, the College cannot take action against those accused of sexual misconduct without a formal investigation and resolution process.