When can Pitzer expel a student for sexual misconduct? What other remedies are available?

When there is a finding of responsibility for a violation of the TCC Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy or Pitzer’s Discrimination/Harassment Policies, the decision-maker imposes appropriate sanctions on the responsible respondent. The decision-maker will consider factors such as the severity of the incident, the number of incidents, the number of complainants or impacted people, accountability by the respondent, and the wishes of the complainant. The decision-maker will decide how to weigh these factors based on the facts of each case. For the most severe acts of misconduct, the decision-maker may impose expulsion. Other sanctions may include, but are not limited to, suspension from all academic programs, suspension from part or all of campus, extracurricular participation restrictions, and mandated education or counseling. 

In addition, after a finding of responsibility, the College will implement remedies to restore the complainant’s full access to College programs and facilities. The decision-maker decides what remedies are appropriate based on the harm that was caused and the wishes of the complainant.