What is it like to go through an investigation?

After you file a complaint, notice is sent to you and any other parties. This notice will indicate who will conduct your investigation. Investigations under the TCC Title IX Policy are conducted by independent investigators external to the College. Investigations under Pitzer’s Discrimination and Harassment Policies depend on the status of the respondent. For students, external investigators are used; for faculty, other faculty members serve as investigators; for staff, internal or external investigators may be used.

Once the investigator is appointed, you will be contacted to schedule an interview. In this interview, the investigators will ask you for your in-depth and detailed account of the events at issue. They will also ask you about relevant context to those incidents, potential witnesses you would like to name, documentary evidence you may have, and they may ask you what you would like the result of the investigation to be. 

Following that interview, the investigators will take steps to follow up on everything you told them, including gathering relevant evidence, speaking with witnesses, and speaking with the respondent. You may be asked to participate in another interview, so you have the opportunity to respond to any new information or evidence the investigators found during the course of the investigation. The investigators will then write an investigative report. Under the TCC Title IX Policy your case will proceed to a live hearing. Under Pitzer’s Discrimination and Harassment Policies, student cases will proceed to a live hearing, while staff and faculty cases will be decided based on the report. Arrangements can be made so you do not have to see the other party during the hearing or at any other time in the process.

After the hearing (or the decision based on the report for staff and faculty cases under Pitzer’s Discrimination and Harassment Policies), both parties will simultaneously receive the written outcome decision, and if there is a policy violation found, this will include sanctions.

There is a right to appeal on limited grounds under each policy for students, staff, and faculty. Both sides have a right to appeal and will receive simultaneous written notification of the appeal outcome.