Visiting Lecturers, Seminars & Workshops


  • SPRING 2014

    Talking Circle/Elders-in-residence This is an established Pitzer program that exposes Pitzer students to Indigenous ways of knowledge production and health through the arts. At this event a Native Elder is available to students, faculty, staff and community members to answer questions, offer support or listen. There was growing interest from Pitzer students in learning about Indigenous methods of healing, the natural world and art. In some of these sessions, students used art drawn from the natural world as a vehicle for expression. In the talking circles, art as therapy combined with Indigenous belief systems and observations of the natural world.

  • FALL 2013

    Eat Your Sidewalk, September 30 & October 1, 2013

    Discussants: Iain Kerr & Matthew Friday SPURSE Research Associates



    Mural Artist Lecture, October 2013

    Artist Paul Santoleri


    Street Art Lecture in the LA Arts District, November 2013

    Founder of the LA Freewalls Project Daniel Lahoda


    Great Wall Lecture, Social and Public Art Resource Center, November 2013

    UCLA Professor Paul Von Blum


    Roundtable Discussion: Contemporary. Amazon. Art/ December 3, 2013

    Discussants: Jaider Esbell, Bill Anthes and Michelle Raheja (UC/Riverside). Introduction by Lêda Martins, moderated by Daniel Segal.

    The roundtable examined both the exhibition Cattle in the Amazon: Despised Invader to Prized Possessions and the video Tree of Knowledges: the Xirixana Signature, which was screened as a part of the event.

  • SPRING 2013

    Heads Above Grass: Indigenous Voices of Survival Through Public Art and Studio Expressions – Edgar Heap of Birds

    A lecture by 2012-2013 artist-in-residence Edgar Heap of Birds n conjunction with Scripps College Humanities Institute’s spring program, Music, Dance, Ritual and Belief: Transforming Societies. 


    THE CITY: Issues of Sustainability, Social Stratification, Democratic Public Spheres, Cosmopolitanism and the Arts 

    Series and partnership between The Art Field Group at Pitzer College and Pitzer’s Munroe Center for Social Inquiry.


    Evolutionary Architecture: Learning from Nature

    A student-initiated and organized public lecture and workshop with visionary architect Dr. Eugene Tssui, held on Earth Day. Dr. Tssui’s lecture and worksop were co-sponsored by the Eco-Center, Pitzer’s Student Environmental Club, the Campus Life Committee, the Pitzer Student Senate, Pear: Pomona for Environmental Activism and Responsibility, and Pitzer’s Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability.