Roller Coaster Challenge

President Laura Skandera Trombley will board one of Southern California’s most intense amusement park rides with Vice President for Student Affairs Brian Carlisle and a student group this spring. Pledge your support of this challenge to help President Trombley face her fear of rollercoasters and benefit Pitzer students involved in the humanities and arts.

Funds raised through the Rollercoaster Challenge will help build the Laura Skandera Trombley Humanities and Arts Endowed Research and Internship Fund, established to honor President Trombley and her dedication to these vital areas of study: literature, philosophy, history, art and other subjects within the humanities and arts. As an endowed fund, its impact on Pitzer students and the College will last in perpetuity.

This rollercoaster ride to remember will be captured in an action-packed video, which will include sponsors’ names on a “virtual donor wall” and be showcased on the Pitzer website—we guarantee white knuckles and earsplitting screams, too!

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