Road to Completion

The process began by digging up Scott Hall and Broad Center grass lawns. Students and contractors from Jonescape used backhoes, shovels, pick axes, and a bulldozer to assist.

creekbed community_work_day_planting2 boulders Ecological Landscaping Class Roster

All of these students helped make the dream of ridding the two lawns of grass and replacing them with natives and drought tolerant plants a reality.

Adria Arko, Matthew Goldbach, Scott McDermott, Nicole Scheunemann, and Christopher Wohlers.

Monday Section:
Laura G. Allen, Garrett A. Blake, Ian J. Cairns, Roxanne M. Cruz-de Hoyos, Benjamin R. Fingeret, Sylvie Claire S. Froncek, Saretta Joy Herman, Jiyeon Kim, Alana M. MacWhorter, Elizabeth C. McAllister, Sarah Ruth Miller Moos, Jane R. Philips, Alena Dorothy Rosen, Benjamin D. Rubin, Martin A. Selasco, Kyla C. Van Maanen, Daniel Louis Zucker

Wednesday Section:
William P. Alston, Rebecca J. Blanck-Weiss, Quinn E. Casal, Samuel M. Davenport, Kimberlee M. Fuerth, Maria A. Harwood, James R. Kang, Samantha A. Morales, Erica J. Osterhout, Cayla N. Penenberg, Morgan J. Pepper, Jenny J. Shaughnessy, Jake H. Weissberg, Norine M. Zapata

This website is a final project for the Ecological Landscaping Class. The content was created by William Alston, Maria Harwood, James Kang, Samantha Morales, Morgan Pepper and Norine Zapata.