Faculty Forays

Faculty Forays are your opportunity to hear from our Pitzer faculty experts about their areas of study.
You can watch at any time from the comfort of your homeā€”and there are no quizzes!

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Nigel Boyle, Dean of Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ulysses (UJ) J. Sofia, Dean of W.M. Keck Science

The Future of Keck Science

December 5, 2018

Gael Sylvia Pullen ’78
Kebokile Dengu-Zvobgo, Associate Dean, Study Abroad and International Programs

Study Abroad and Girls Fly Program

November 7, 2018

Hal Fairchild, EmeritusĀ Professor of Psychology and Africana Studies
Sam Martin ’19

Writing for World Peace: Students as Producers of Knowledge

October 26, 2018

Faculty Foray with Rachel VanSickle-Ward ’99
Professor of Political Studies
and Dana Nothnagel ’19
Women in Politics

September 17, 2018

Faculty Foray with Dean of Faculty Nigel Boyle and Vice President for Academic Affairs
and Simone Bishara ’18
Pitzer’s Inside-Out Prison Education Program

March 20, 2018

Faculty Foray with Phil Zuckerman
Professor of Sociology and Secular Studies
Living the Secular Life

November 13, 2017