Cindy Lou Onyekwelu ’18

Favorite class: Social Inequality taught by Kara Placek

Favorite professors: Emma Stephens and Michael Ballagh

What keeps you busy now: Building upon my startup ideas within Austin, Texas, while programing on GM’s IT Supply Chain team.

What is your dream job: Engineering Product Manager | CEO of my own company

What book is currently on your nightstand: Grit by Angela Duckworth

Best question to ask in an interview: Describe your average workday

What do you miss most about Pitzer: The food, staff members and chilling on the Mounds!

What is your most memorable Pitzer moment: Pitzer study aboard exchange program with Singapore Management University

Top networking tip: Always look for conferences that relate to your interests to go to and ask as many questions as possible! 

How did you get into your current line of work: I explored multiple majors and traveled to many tech conferences to figure out what really captured my interests.

Favorite quote: “Only compare yourself to yourself.”,

Submitted May 2018