The Pitzer Society Members

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Platinum Certified–$10,000 and above

Erika Lautman Bartelstein ’76 and Alan Bartelstein
Elaine and Hirschel Abelson P’92
Hilary Bates and Jerome Simon P’20
Ann Lawson Bilodeau ’69 and Kenneth Bilodeau
Lisa Bourgeault ’83
Amy and Ken Clark P’20
Honor Prouty Brodie ’93 and John Brodie
Eileen and Harold Brown
Melinda and William Brunger P’01
Susan and Robert Cave P’16
Jade and Irving Chang P’16, P’19
Singleton Cox ’94
Ming Yao Crusey ’69 and Bill Crusey
Susan and Jonathan Dolgen P’97
Griff and Rob Fairbairn
Heather and Halford Fairchild
Luzann Fernandez
Diane Firestone
Nancy Gettelman
Constance Gill and Sean Cavanaugh ’91
Susan Glikbarg Hanson ’73 and Don Hanson
Melinda Hackett P’19
Debbie Johnson P’16
Joan Karlin ’72 and Paul Resnick
Susan and Peter Kessler P’16
Robin Hagler Kramer ’75 and Neil Kramer
Ellen Kurtz and Stephen Smith P’18
Kendra and Guy Langer ’77
Christine LaSala and Ellie Lipschitz P’21
Megan and David Levin ’90
Margot Levin-Schiff P’90, P’95
Elaine and Charles Mangum P’19
Mike Mathieu P’21
Tracy McDonald Tindle ’82 and Paul Tindle
Tara and Bryan Meehan P’22
Carolyn Murray and Bradley Abelow P’21
Suzanne and Melvin L. Oliver
Susan Page ’68
Shana and Donald Passman P’04, P’08
Susan and Woodley Preucil P’19
Claire and John Pitzer
Kim and Ken Pitzer
Russell Pitzer
Craig Ponzio P’22
Rhonda and Donald Gould
Rosanna and Alex Ridley ’95
Josh Schlesinger ’04
John Scott ’87
Shoshana and William Sheinberg ’83, P’12
Eva-Maria Sher ’67 and Ron Sher P’03
Camilla and Shahan Soghikian ’80
Mary Sophos ’76
Kristen and Kevin Stein P’20
Julie Tang and Mark Eggert P’18
Ruth and Bill True P’20
Elizabeth Ulmer and Jonathan Graham ’82
Leslie Weaver-Weinberg and Hilton Weinberg P’16
Donna and Michael Weinholtz P’17
Rebecca and Allan White P’19
Robert Wilson P’06

Gold Certified–$5,000 to $9,999

Molly and Marco Abbruzzese P’18, P’22, P’23
Susan Bales
William Binnie ’08 and Mari Binnie
Liz Bowers Crowley ’91 and Bill Crowley
Jill and Bob Bronstein P’20
Faith Crawford ’05 and Jacob Duzsik ’04
Francine and William Crawford P’05
Lynne Diamond ’75 and Gary Kates ’74
Kristen and Doug Edwards P’20
Dania Fitzgerald and Mark London P’14
Belinda Valles Faustinos ’73 and Jerry Faustinos
Rebecca Franko and Stu McConnell
Adaline Frelinghuysen P’16
Martha and Jeff Frum P’12
Fariborz Ghadar P’17
Jenniphr Goodman ’84 and Eric Pope
Claire Gunn ’82, P’21 and Shiuman Ho P’21
Janice and Mitch Heine P’21
Deborah Bach Kallick ’78 and Ivan Kallick
Sheila Kemper Dietrich ’78 and Walter Dietrich
Sara and Mark Kranwinkle P’19
Mary Jo Leatherdale Emfield ’88
Irene and Howard Levine GP’18
Nancy Martin ’70 and Fred Hendler
Midge Nutman and Leonard Kreppel P’21
Judy and Gary Pasquinelli
Sunandini Radhakrishnan and Sudhakar Ramakrishna P’22
Melanie and Steve Reed P’22
Stephanie and Chris Ribera P’19
Carmen Saura and Manish Kothari P’20
Linda and David Schupack P’20
Ramesh Sinaee and Larry Raskin P’22

Silver Certified–$2,500 to $4,999

Amy Baer and Matthew Baer ’86, P’20
Janie and John Barman P’20
Ridgely and Ed Biddle P’20
Lynn and Colin Bodell P’17
Thomas Brock ’83 and William Sawyer
Karen Hochman Brown ’79 and Neil Brown
Wan-qiu Chen and Zhiqiang Zheng P’19
Linda deBaun ’68
Lauren Dolgen ’97
Beryl Herzberg Druker ’69
Catherine and David Durning P’22
Tyrus Emory ’08 and Gregory Rae
Hope Flammer and Jay Shaffer
Chit-Chan Gunn P’82, GP’21
Claire Gunn ’82, P’21 and Shiuman Ho P’21
Gina and Lee Hoagland P’21
Alice Holzman
Cathy Irwin and Thomas Poon
Marcia Johnson Witter and Malcolm Witter P’13
Joyce Kaneda ’74
Betsey Keeler Cheitlin ’78, P’11 and Kenneth Cheitlin ’78, P’11
Stacey and Dan Kohl P’22
Pingping Ku and Chungwai Yu P’19
Jennifer Layke ’90 and Christian Layke
Nesta Lenzner and Willy Lenzner ’99
Nancy Loeb ’81
Lesley McClelland ’71
Malissa McKeith
Daniela and John Herron P’21
Jill Nelson and Tom Bidell P’19
Jennifer and Tom Pincince P’21
Naomi Porat P’20
Japhia and Dave Ramkumar P’22
Mansoora Rashid ’80
Page and Mark Rochon P’19
Elizabeth Sarnoff and Andrew Cohen P’20
Mary Sawall and John Kelley P’11
Diane Shammas ’75
Tristan and Luke Smart ’95
Ann Stromberg and Rudi Volti P’00
Kyra Subbotin and Henry Siegel P’19
Margaret Habecker Vizio ’68
Kathy Washienko P’21

Bronze Certified–$1,963 to $2,499

Toyin Ajayi and Andrew Frankel ’84
Leslie Allen Thompson ’69 and William Thompson
Linda Spiegel Allen ’73 and Mark Allen
Julia Anable and Thomas Eme P’22
Elizabeth Birtle-Sherman and Gregg Sherman P’18
Kerry and Jim Taschetta P’20
Nell and Nelson Branco P’22
Susan and Danny Brin P’22
Shirley Chu P’04
Janet Clover Burns ’68
Kathleen and Robert Wengrod P’19
Nicole DeLong ’75
Elisabeth and Robert Hodapp P’21
Kathryn Field ’80
Jenny and Domingo Garcia P’21
Susan Gibbs and Theodore Piccone P’19
Roberta Goldberg ’76 and Mark Shapiro
Bob Gray P’19
Helen and Robert Holland P’19
Stephanie Holmes P’20
Kathy Howell ’71
Amy Reifert and Scott Reifert P’17, P’19, P’23
Cathy Irwin and Thomas Poon
Marcia Johnson Witter and Malcolm Witter P’13
Jennifer and Jon Barry P’22
Rebekah Kaplan and David Burk P’21, P’23
Susan and Douglas King P’22
Amy Klatzkin and Terry Fry P’16
Pingping Ku and Chungwai Yu P’19
Jennifer Layke ’90 and Christian Layke
Nancy and Russell LeDonne ’82
Marianne Lieberman and Carolyn Grant P’21
Jan and Rory Little P’15
Cindy Mak and Robert Hui P’22
Neli and Emanuel Mashian P’19
Suzanne Bigham McElwee ’74 and James McElwee
Darina and Allan McKelvie P’16
Sergio Monsalve
Marianne and Michael Newman P’01
Ruth and Thomas Norwood P’16
Davina and Sean O’Donnell P’19
Lori O’Hollaren ’90 and Jeffrey Stolle
Lisa Paolella and Willard Cook P’22
Margaret Rose Perry ’72
Edith and George Piness
Laura and Chad Pochop P’20
Ramelle Cochrane Pulitzer ’72 and Michael Pulitzer
Marilyn Ray ’92
Shari Simon and David Parker P’22
Tracy Strayer and Ed Wong P’18
Susan Toffler and Luiz de Toledo P’19
Charlotte Triefus and Lloyd Zuckerberg P’20
Diane and Fred Van der Linde P’15
Suzanne Wilner P’13
Virginia and Doug Woodbrown P’20
Betsy and Ed Zimmerman P’21