The Pitzer Society Members

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Platinum Certified–$10,000 and above

Elaine and Hirschel Abelson P’92
Bridget Baker ’82 and Robert Cerny
Susan Bales and Michael Goldstein
Hilary Bates and Jerome Simon P’20
Ann Lawson Bilodeau ’69 and Kenneth Bilodeau
William Binnie ’08 and Mari Binnie
Lisa Bourgeault ’83
Honor Prouty Brodie ’93 and John Brodie
Eileen and Harold Brown
Jade and Irving Chang P’16, P’19
Jimmy Chang
Singleton Cox ’94
Karen Criddle and Jonathan Reingold P’18
Ann D’Antonio P’15, P’20
Griff and Rob Fairbairn P’16, P’18, P’22
Heather and Halford Fairchild
Luzann Fernandez
Beth and Stuart Finkelstein P’16
Diane Firestone
Adaline Frelinghuysen P’16
Martha and Jeff Frum P’12
Nancy Gettelman
Constance Gill and Sean Cavanaugh ’91
Wendy Glenn ’75 and Marianne Lowenthal
Angela Glover Blackwell GP’21 and Fred Blackwell GP’21
Debbie Johnson P’16
Joan Karlin ’72 and Paul Resnick
Sheila Kemper Dietrich ’78 and Walter Dietrich
Susan and Peter Kessler P’16
Jill and Fred Klein P’15
Robin Hagler Kramer ’75 and Neil Kramer
Ellen Kurtz and Stephen Smith P’18
Cisy Lam and Steven Chang ’83
Kendra and Guy Langer ’77
Kim and Jack LeVier P’20
Megan and David Levin ’90
Margot Levin-Schiff P’90, P’95
Rose Levinson ’04
Sara Love Downey and James Downey P’88, P’89, P’91
Elaine and Charles Mangum P’19
Mike Mathieu P’21
Tracy McDonald Tindle ’82 and Paul Tindle
Marti Meyerson ’92 and James Hooper
Carolyn Murray and Bradley Abelow P’21
Elsie and Rod Nakamoto P’14
Marcy and Paul Nathan P’15
Suzanne and Melvin L. Oliver
Susan Page ’68
Claire and John Pitzer
Kim and Ken Pitzer
Russell Pitzer
Douglas Price ’80
Susan and Nicholas Pritzker P’93
Rhonda and Donald Gould
Stephanie and Chris Ribera P’19
Gwen Rodman
Alissa Okuneff Roston ’78 and Warren Roston P’06
Josh Schlesinger ’04
Linda and David Schupack P’20
John Scott ’87
Shoshana and William Sheinberg ’83, P’12
Eva-Maria Sher ’67 and Ron Sher P’03
Priya Singh ’93 and Rohit Sood
Camilla and Shahan Soghikian ’80
Mary Sophos ’76
Marilyn and Eugene Stein
Kristen and Kevin Stein P’20
Julie Tang and Mark Eggert P’18
Elizabeth Ulmer and Jonathan Graham ’82
Leslie Weaver-Weinberg and Hilton Weinberg P’16
Joni Weberman ’79, , P’21
Donna and Michael Weinholtz P’17
Lisa and Howard Wenger P’16
Helen and Maurice Werdegar
Rebecca and Allan White P’19
Phoebe Wood P’21

Gold Certified–$5,000 to $9,999

Jennifer and Nicholas Bock
Estrellita Brodsky
Jill and Bob Bronstein P’20
Faith Crawford ’05 and Jacob Duzsik ’04
Francine and William Crawford P’05
Tim Daniels ’87
Marci and Marc Dollinger P’18
Kristen and Doug Edwards P’20
Dania Fitzgerald and Mark London P’14
Lis and Fariborz Ghadar P’17
Carol and Henry Goldberg GP’21
Nedra and Bruce Hecker ’76
Patricia Hecker P’76
Gayle Breitbard Klusky ’69 and Jerome Klusky
Sara and Mark Kranwinkle P’19
Chris LaSala and Ellen Lipschitz P’21
Mary Jo Leatherdale Emfield ’88
Irene and Howard Levine GP’18
Ruth and Thomas Norwood P’16
Yael and Gilad Odinak P’10
Judy and Gary Pasquinelli
Michelle and Doug Rose ’80
Susan Nathan Sholl ’76 and Steven Sholl
Elise Wanger ’12
Robert Wilson P’06
Leah Zell P’12

Silver Certified–$2,500 to $4,999

Jeanne Ambruster-Sherry ’79 and David Sherry
Amy Baer and Matthew Baer ’86, P’20
Jill Minderhout Baskin ’77 and Scott Baskin
Kimberly Beede and Richard Soule P’17
Lynn and Colin Bodell P’17
Rebecca and Bob Bompiedi P’20
Thomas Brock ’83 and William Sawyer
Karen Hochman Brown ’79 and Neil Brown
Anne Cunningham Carson and Gary Carson P’17
Ann Danelski ’83 and Timothy Bergreen P’21
Susan and Jonathan Dolgen P’97
Cathy Elliott-Tristant ’89
Belinda Valles Faustinos ’73 and Jerry Faustinos
Jenna Frum
Susan Gibbs and Theodore Piccone P’19
Jan and Dave Halsey P’18, P’20
Gretchen Holmblad Hardison ’80
Alice Holzman
Deborah Bach Kallick ’78 and Ivan Kallick
Joyce Kaneda ’74
Betsey Keeler Cheitlin ’78, P’11 and Kenneth Cheitlin ’78, P’11
Jan and Rory Little P’15
Nancy Martin ’70 and Fred Hendler
Lesley McClelland ’71
D’arcy McGrath ’89
Malissa McKeith
Jill Nelson and Thomas Bidell P’19
Shana and Donald Passman P’04, P’08
Naomi Porat P’20
Mansoora Rashid ’80
Page and Mark Rochon P’19
Mary Sawall and John Kelley P’11
Kimberly Schoenstadt ’95 and Jonathan Furmanski
Susan Solorzano ’81
Ann Stromberg and Rudi Volti P’00
Kyra Subbotin and Henry Siegel P’19
Pat and Carl Taibl P’21
Ruth and Bill True P’20
Margaret Habecker Vizio ’68
Jules Vogel ’85 and Jay Kinn
Kathy Washienko P’21
Tara West and Brian Christiansen ’93
Rob Williamson P’21
Betsy and Ed Zimmerman P’21

Bronze Certified–$1,963 to $2,499

Leslie Allen Thompson ’69 and William Thompson
Janie and John Barman P’20
Tim Berg
Ridgely and Ed Biddle P’20
Elizabeth Birtle-Sherman and Gregg Sherman P’18
Chris Blais and Barry Ludlow ’80
Holly Brackett and Charles Breer ’85
Catherine Brown and Lawrence Kramer P’20
Wan-qiu Chen and Zhiqiang Zheng P’19
Shirley Chu P’04
Janet Clover Burns ’68
Robert Coe P’20
Margaret Yao Crusey ’69 and Howard Crusey
Kathleen and Robert Wengrod P’19
Linda deBaun ’68
Lynne Diamond ’75 and Gary Kates ’74
Lauren Dolgen ’97
Elisabeth and Robert Hodapp P’21
Kathryn Field ’80
Jenny and Domingo Garcia P’21
Susan Gibbs and Theodore Piccone P’19
Roberta Goldberg ’76 and Mark Shapiro
Sarah Gooen-Chen and Roland Chen P’18
Bob Gray P’19
Claire Gunn ’82, P’21 and Shiuman Ho P’21
Melinda Hackett P’19
Katherine and Larik Hall P’19
Meg Hanlon P’19, P’21
Karen Harris-Tyrrell and Kevin Tyrrell P’18
Jennifer Hinman and Michael Moody ’80
Gina and Lee Hoagland P’21
Helen and Robert Holland P’19
Stephanie Holmes P’20
Amy Klatzkin and Terry Fry P’16
Nancy Klion P’18
Jordan Kurland ’94
Diane Lam and David Omori P’18
Lee and Henry Larsen P’18
Nancy and Russell LeDonne ’82
Lenny Lieberman P’19
Nancy Loeb ’81
Neil Macready
Cindy Mak and Robert Hui P’22
Rosaria and Malcolm Smith P’20
Lynne Marsenich ’74 and Richard Tsujimoto
Cornelia and Emanuel Mashian P’19
Suzanne Bigham McElwee ’74 and James McElwee
Darina and Allan McKelvie P’16
Caroline and James McManus P’18
Jim Mindling P’19
Caroline and Kurosh Moassessi P’20
Daniela and John Herron P’21
Marianne and Michael Newman P’01
Diana Norcross McWilliams ’69 and James McWilliams
Diane and Jim Nothnagel P’19
Midge Nutman and Leonard Kreppel P’21
Lori O’Hollaren ’90 and Jeffrey Stolle
Kristin Olsen ’71
Abigail Wack Parsons ’71 and Jack Parsons
Margaret Rose Perry ’72
Jennifer and Tom Pincince P’21
Edith and George Piness
Mak Wai Ping and Adrian Pak Sen Hui
Minna and Edward Pinger P’15, P’16
Laura and Chad Pochop P’20
Holly Preble
Ramelle Cochrane Pulitzer ’72 and Michael Pulitzer
Marilyn Ray ’92
Kim Risedorph and Stephen Elliott P’18
Angela Romero ’88, P’20 and Carl Sanchez P’20
Randy Moskowitz Ross ’76 and Bruce Ross ’72
Elizabeth Sarnoff and Andrew Cohen P’20
Sumiko and Akira Sebe P’97
Diane Shammas ’75
Al Shine ’85, P’16
Eric Siegert P’20
Tristan and Luke Smart ’95
Stephanie Solien and Franklin Greer P’18
Ellen and William Taubman P’17
Abigail Taubman ’17
Susan Toffler and Luiz de Toledo P’19, P’21
Michele Toppe and John Kroger P’21
Beth and Dave Towle P’20
Nancy Treser-Osgood and Peter Osgood
Helen Trilling P’16
Joy Tsien Koo and George Koo P’20
Diane and Fred Van der Linde P’15
Kavine and Gulnar Vaswani P’21
Suzanne Wilner P’13
Virginia and Doug Woodbrown P’20