Pitzer College Student Engagement Team (SET)

Ready, SET, Go!

Pitzer Students Tell the Story Best

Student callers are essential to the success of the Pitzer Fund, and to bringing our community of alumni, families, and friends together towards a common goal: helping students succeed by raising funds to support the greatest needs on campus. Our callers, known as Student Engagement Advocates, do more than just phone outreach; they help foster meaningful engagement with college events throughout the year and by sharing their Pitzer story. They want to hear about your Pitzer experience, provide you with the latest campus updates, and learn what makes you Pitzer Proud.

Don’t Miss Our Call

Pitzer’s Student Engagement Advocates will be calling from 909-607-7728. If you see that number calling, please pick up, as our students would love to say hello and thank you for the great opportunities and experiences they are receiving at Pitzer!

For more information about our Student Engagement Team, please contact Christine Camacho, Assistant Director of Annual Giving at [email protected].

Student Engagement Advocates

SET Advocates connect with alumni, families, and friends through their shared love of the College, to offer updates on campus events and news and raise philanthropic support for the College’s greatest areas of need. Additionally, the SET provides students with real-world, professional experience that strengthens their entrepreneurial and communication skills and introduces them to the world of philanthropy and donor impact.

Meet our SET Advocates:

Paige Chassman ’25

Paige Chassman is a rising sophomore majoring in psychology and planning to minor in dance through the Pomona dance department. She hopes to become a dance and movement therapist in the future. Paige chose to attend Pitzer because of the values that the school encourages and the community that it fosters. A fun fact about her is that she plans to raise ducks someday.

Tsephell Choegyal ’22 (December 2022)

Tsephell Choegyal knew Pitzer was the place for her as soon as she stepped on campus. Fast forward four years, as a political studies major and Asian studies minor, Tsephell has had her quota of Grove House cookies. As she nears graduation, Tsephell’s experience at Pitzer is colored by the mosaic of inspiring conversations and connections made inside and outside the classroom. In her free time, you can find Tsephell seeking sanctuary in galleries and museums, mixing beats, and rereading bell hooks.

Graham Hynes ’26

Graham Hynes is an incoming freshman from New Jersey. He is super excited to be a part of the Pitzer community, and he enjoys hiking, swimming, and listening to music. He chose Pitzer because of the progressive values and sense of community.

Hak Luong ’24

Hak Luong is a rising junior majoring in economics and minoring in data science. Hak feels that the people at Pitzer make the campus feel like home. In his free time, Hak loves weight-lifting and hiking and enjoys watching basketball, as well as trying new food places. 

Ananya Maskara ’24

Ananya Maskara is a junior majoring in sociology. She picked Pitzer because of the close-knit community of the college as well as her belief in Pitzer’s core values. Pitzer is important to her because it gives her the opportunity to grow both as a student and as a person. Ananya’s hobbies include reading and baking.

Kaitlyn O’Connor ’25

Kaitlyn O’Connor is a Pitzer sophomore, from San Carlos, CA. Planning on double majoring in psychology and Spanish, she hopes to one day work in a pediatric hospital setting. The Claremont Colleges are important to her because Pitzer and the 5Cs provide such a unique college experience. The core values and mission of Pitzer College also resonate deeply with her. She is involved with the Pitzer and 5C community through being a part of a few organizations such as 5C Dance Marathon, Mixed Identity Exchange, and Pitzer’s Global Mental Health Lab. She is looking forward to being more involved in Pitzer’s community by being an engagement advocate!

Lauren Robles ’24

Lauren Robles is a rising junior majoring in political studies with a double minor in Spanish and Chicano and Latino studies. Pitzer is so important to her because this campus is where she feels her most authentic and original self. A fun fact about Lauren is that she loves basketball and has a pet gecko!

Melina Soberg ’25

Melina Soberg is a sophomore planning on majoring in neuroscience. She chose Pitzer because she loves its focus on social justice and social responsibility. In her free time, she takes voice lessons and sings in the Pomona College Choir.

Aru Warrier ’25

Aru Warrier is a sophomore at Pitzer majoring in economics and politics who is looking forward to joining the Student Engagement Team! She is an international student from Singapore who has found a second home at Pitzer with its welcoming community and student engagement opportunities that allow students to directly apply skills outside the classroom. Aru also loves trying all kinds of food, watching Formula One, and is an Indian classical dancer.

Zoë Wong-VanHaren ’25

Zoë Wong-VanHaren is a rising undeclared sophomore interested in exploring the relationship between humans and nature. Pitzer has been a wonderful place for her to learn through hands-on experiences, and she is looking forward to her independent study this semester as a seed conservationist for the Pitzer Outback Reserve. Her hobbies include highlining, surfing, climbing, and playing music.