Meet Our Donors

Michael and Lisa Nash P’15
As proud Pitzer College parents, Michael and Lisa Nash committed $100,000 to establish the Nash Family Endowed Study Abroad Scholarship Program at Pitzer. This endowed fund will provide financial support to students studying abroad, especially those demonstrating an interest in community work, public service or other areas of civic engagement. Michael and Lisa are the parents of alumna Mary Nash ’15.

“We want to help ensure that any student who wishes to study abroad can do so. Such an opportunity can be life changing in the most remarkable way.”

Susan and Nicholas Pritzker P’93
Susan Pritzker, Pitzer College Board of Trustees Chair from 1998 to 2005, and her husband, Nicholas Pritzker, made a generous gift to Pitzer through their philanthropic account at Vanguard Charitable to establish the Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability. The Redford Conservancy will occupy the historic Marston and Maybury-designed former infirmary located on 11.88 acres of Pitzer’s North Campus and will educate the next generation of environmental change-makers. The parents of Pitzer alumnus Joseph “Joby” Pritzker ’93, the Pritzkers have supported numerous initiatives at the College since 1989, including $2 million in 2005 to support the Residential Life Project Phase I.

 “Pitzer is already a leader in its attention to environmental awareness and responsibility, and we are thrilled to help it go further and be stronger in its mission to prepare students for a wide variety of careers in this vital field. It is our great privilege to be a part of this process.”

Gloria Gold P’74
Gloria Gold, the surviving spouse of emeritus trustee Peter Gold, supported Pitzer College with a $1 million gift dedicated to the renovation of the Gold Student Health and Wellness Center. Originally built in 1995 through support from Peter and Gloria Gold, the Center serves as the social, physical fitness and recreational hub of the Pitzer campus. The Golds have been staunch supporters of Pitzer College, having endowed the Peter and Gloria Gold Professorship and provided many generous contributions for other capital projects, programs and initiatives. In support of Pitzer College students, Gloria Gold also contributed $72,000 to establish the Native American Annual Scholarship and support Pitzer’s Native Summer Pipeline to College program.

Michael J. Brock
In honor of his late sister, Susan Brock ’70, Michael Brock pledged $1 million through a bequest to establish the Susan A. Brock Memorial Endowed Scholarship at Pitzer College. Because of Susan’s career as a licensed psychologist, the scholarship will support Pitzer students studying psychology. Michael Brock is a 1965 graduate of Claremont McKenna College.

The Bernard Osher Foundation
The Bernard Osher Foundation has awarded $1 million to Pitzer College in support of its New Resources program. The gift will provide scholarship assistance to students of non-traditional age through the Bernard Osher Foundation Reentry Endowed Scholarship. The New Resources program was established at Pitzer College in 1974 to meet the special needs of post-college age students.

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
The Mellon Foundation has supported Pitzer College with contributions totaling close to $3 million. The Foundation’s generous giving has been directed toward faculty and academic programing support in the areas of media studies, the Institute for Global/Local Action and Study, interdisciplinary studies in art and the environment and Brazilian and Portuguese language studies.

Howard and Lisa Wenger P’16
Pitzer parents Howard and Lisa Wenger pledged $25,000 in support of the Pitzer Fund and undergraduate student research. Gifts to the Annual Fund serve as the foundation for a Pitzer education and are directed to three critical areas: scholarships and financial aid; world-class faculty; and a wide range of student programs. The research funds will be directed to students studying economics or mathematics. Howard and Lisa are the proud parents of alumna Emma Wenger ’16.

Lisa Specht and Ron Rogers
Trustee Lisa Specht and her husband, Ron Rogers, made a bequest of $250,000 to establish the Lisa Specht Endowment for Women at Pitzer College. The endowed fund will provide scholarship support to female New Resources students who have financial need. The Pitzer College New Resources program was established in 1974 to meet the special educational needs of non-traditionally aged college students while, at the same time, broadening the campus’ student diversity with respect to age.

Richard W. Cook P’13
Through the generous efforts of trustee Richard Cook, Pitzer received $500,000 from a Los Angeles-based foundation to renovate the College’s historic Scott Hall. As one of the original structures on the Pitzer campus, its renovation provided a unique opportunity to modernize the building in order to facilitate twenty-first century learning and revitalize an important pillar of the campus community. Cook and his wife, Bonnie, are the parents of Pitzer College alumna Roxanne Cook ’13.

Jonathan P. Graham ’82 and Elizabeth Ulmer
Alumnus and former Pitzer College trustee Jon Graham and his wife, Elizabeth Ulmer, supported the College with a $50,000 pledge directed toward the Pitzer Fund and undergraduate student research with an eye on Brazil studies and special projects. Graham earned a degree in economics and business from Pitzer and has continued to support the College as a donor—he and his wife endowed the Jonathan P. Graham ’82 & Elizabeth B. Ulmer Scholarship in 2005—and as a host for special alumni and parent events.

Susan Hollander ’79
Susan Hollander, an alumna and a trustee of the College since 2007, pledged $400,000 to Pitzer in support of the Residential Life Project Phase II. The Phase II complex includes academic spaces and four state-of-the-art residence halls, designed so that Pitzer students can benefit from a wholly integrated living and learning environment.

Steven Chang ’83 and Cisy Lam
To honor his father, Pitzer College trustee and alumnus Steven Chang, along with his wife, Cisy Lam, named the George C.S. Benson Auditorium stage the Ning Ru Chang Stage with a $150,000 gift.

“My gift will be used to honor my father, Ning Ru Chang, in commemoration of his 90th birthday. I am blessed with a great father. My mother passed away when I was 12 and he is still taking care of me. He has taught me that I am lucky to be able to help people, and so I give this gift in his honor.”

Thomas Brock ’83
Class of 1983 alumnus Thomas Brock pledged $400,000 to Pitzer College through a bequest to establish the Tom Brock ’83 Endowed Scholarship. He served on the College’s Alumni Board for several years and was the 2008 recipient of the Pitzer College Distinguished Alumni Award.

Shahan Soghikian ’80 and Camilla Soghikian
Pitzer College trustee and alumnus Shahan Soghikian, along with his wife, Camilla, pledged $100,000 to establish the David Sadava Endowed Scholarship Fund and $100,000 to establish the David Sadava Endowed Student Internship Fund in honor of his close friend and former teacher, David Sadava, Emeritus Pritzker Professor of Biology at the W.M. Keck Science Department of Claremont McKenna, Pitzer and Scripps Colleges. They also pledge $50,000 to support the goals of the Gold Student Health and Wellness Center.

“My goal is to provide funds for scholarships and internships to truly committed students in science. In my mind, I think of this as a way to extend the work that Dr. Sadava did and continues to do.”

John T. Scott ’87
Through the John and Carrie Santangelo Foundation, Pitzer alumnus John Scott ’87, director of the foundation, has established and endowed three awards for Pitzer students: the Scott Global Adventure Award, the Scott Global Entrepreneurship Award, and Ronald T. Scott Entrepreneurial Award.

“On behalf of my family, it is my hope that the distinctive awards provided by the Scott Family Endowed Fund will be impactful on the lives of Pitzer students as they develop their careers and leadership potential.” 

Gerald and Linda Stern P’07
Gerald and Linda Stern, parents of Pitzer College alumna Maia Stern ’07, made a $50,000 gift to support the Facing History and Ourselves Summer Internship. The internship is carried out at a nonprofit organization whose mission is to combat racism, anti-Semitism and prejudice and nurture democracy through education programs worldwide.

Dee Mosbacher ’72
Documentary filmmaker, psychologist and Pitzer College alumna Diane “Dee” Mosbacher donated $1.5 million to establish the Mosbacher/Gartrell Center for Media Experimentation and Activism and the Mosbacher Fund for Media Studies. Pitzer is pleased to name the Center in her honor as well as her spouse of 35 years, Nanette Gartrell.

“I’m thrilled that Pitzer College is involved in not only artistic filmmaking but filmmaking with a purpose. I hope this program will allow students to experiment with filmmaking with an activism standpoint and learn how to successfully craft the message to reach its targeted audience.”

S. Mohan Chandramohan
Businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist S. Mohan Chandramohan, also a former Pitzer College trustee, pledged $250,000 to support the renovation of the Gold Student Health and Wellness Center, a heavily relied upon facility at Pitzer. Expanding the Center and the resources therein enables Pitzer College to fulfill its commitment to provide its students the best means of achieving health and wellness, a well-documented critical component of academic success.

Eli and Edythe Broad P’78
A $1 million gift was made by trustee emeritus Eli Broad and his wife, Edythe, in support of the Eli and Edythe Broad Endowed Scholarship at Pitzer College. The Broads also contributed $100,000 to support the Vicke Selk Endowment for Global Comparative Studies in Art, Music and the Humanities at Pitzer College. The Broads are the parents of Pitzer College alumnus Jeffrey Broad ’78.

Francois Ferré and Magda Marquet P’12, P’14
Francois Ferré and Magda Marquet P’12, P’14 are Pitzer parents, scientists, and entrepreneurs whose generous contributions have enriched the College’s innovative educational programs for nearly a decade. They supported the College’s former Vaccine Development Institute, creating opportunities for Pitzer students to get hands-on research experience both on campus and abroad. Today, a four-foot-tall sign in Pitzer’s Academic Plaza testifies to their impact on the College, thanking the Ferré-Marquet Family: Francois Ferré and Magda Marquet P’12, P’14,  Alex Ferré ’12, Max Ferré ’14, and Maura Stonberg ’11.

Pitzer Family Foundation
The Pitzer Family Foundation contributed $500,000 to establish the Pitzer Archive and Conference Center, a prominent feature of the College’s Residential Life Project Phase II. The Center will serve as a living showcase for Pitzer’s dynamic history dating back to 1963 when Russell K. Pitzer established the College. With their generous gift, Foundation trustees Ann E. Pitzer, Russell M. Pitzer and John S. Pitzer honored the legacy of their grandfather.

“[We] look forward to the celebration of the first 50 years of the College and the anticipation of the next 50 years of achievement.”

Robert Day
Philanthropist Robert Day presented a personal gift of $3 million to renovate the auditorium in Pitzer’s Avery Hall. The center of the College’s social, educational and cultural programs, the state-of-the-art space has been named the George C.S. Benson Auditorium in honor of Day’s good friend, the late George C.S. Benson, a founding trustee of Pitzer College and the founding president of Claremont McKenna College.

“It is a privilege to be able to make this gift in his memory and for the benefit of Pitzer College. The quality of student life was one of George’s great passions, and I know he would be very excited by this project.”

Deborah Bach Kallick ’78 and Ivan Kallick
Pitzer College trustee and alumna Deborah Bach Kallick and her husband, Ivan Kallick, gave $250,000 to support the construction of the Kallick Family Gallery, a leading attraction of Pitzer’s Residential Life Project Phase II. Commenting on this gift and previous contributions to Pitzer College, Deborah remarked that she and her husband support the College for one main reason:

“We think Pitzer is a very special place and provides a wonderful learning environment for students.”

Robert and Lori Goodman P’14
Robert and Lori Goodman, parents of Pitzer College alumna Danielle “Danie” Goodman ’14, made a $150,000 gift to the College in support of the Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability. Located on 12 acres of land adjacent to campus, the Conservancy will offer students and faculty a natural laboratory for instruction, research, policy work and advocacy efforts. It will be a tremendous asset to Pitzer’s tradition of intellectual inquiry and fearless experimentation.

Susan and Jonathan Dolgen P’97
Pitzer College trustee Susan Dolgen and her husband, Jon Dolgen, pledged $125,000 to support the Residential Life Project Phase II. The Dolgens are the parents of Pitzer alumna Lauren Dolgen ’97.

Robert and Eileen Rominger P’14
Pitzer College received a $200,000 gift from Robert and Eileen Rominger, parents of Pitzer alumni Peter Rominger ’14, to support the Chicano/Latino Annual Scholarship Fund. Since the scholarship’s inception in 2004, 60 students of Chicano/Latino descent with financial need have been awarded this scholarship in honor of their outstanding academic achievement.

“Diversity of all types–of experience, of ethnicity, of thought–have come together at Pitzer, creating the great environment of intellectual curiosity that we’ve observed as Pitzer parents. The contributions of Chicano/Latino students have been very important to this environment in the past, and we hope the scholarship program will allow that to continue in the future.”

Eugene and Marilyn Stein
Eugene and Marilyn Stein made a gift of $250,000 to Pitzer College to establish the Eugene and Marilyn Stein Atrium in the George C.S. Benson Auditorium on campus. Eugene Stein was elected to the Pitzer College board of trustees in 1994 and continues to serve today. Originally constructed in 1969 and modernized in 2010, the auditorium provides space for large audiences to enjoy musical and dance performances, lectures, student activities and combined classes.

Linda deBaun ’68
For more than 25 years, Pitzer alumna Linda deBaun has remained a loyal donor to Pitzer College. Over the last decade, her generosity has included a monthly gift to the Annual Fund, most recently directed to the James and Katherine deBaun Annual Scholarship. A member of Pitzer’s Provida Futuri Society of planned giving donors, deBaun has cumulatively given more than $34,000 to the College. In her long career as a high school theatre and English teacher, she credits her Pitzer experience for helping her continue to grow as an educator.

“Over the years, I have been blessed enough to be able to give charitably to Pitzer. I hope to continue and increase such gifts, so that Pitzer can remain, in perpetuity, the gorgeously free spirited and yet richly focused world where uniqueness, freedom of choice and the desire to serve humanity is available to all who commit to this gifted experience.”

Ned and Minna Pinger P’15, P’17
Pitzer College parents Ned and Minna Pinger made a $50,000 gift to the Pitzer College Internship Fund and the Pitzer College Endowed Internship Fund. These critical funds allow Pitzer to alleviate the financial burden of internships for our students by covering costs such as travel, living expenses and proper professional attire. The ability of Pitzer’s Career Services to achieve its goal of ensuring that 90 percent of Pitzer graduates have an executable career plan by 2017 will be heavily dependent on the College’s ability to fund and help secure new internships. The Pingers are the parents of Pitzer students Dashiell Pinger ’15 and Belmont Pinger ’17.

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