Classroom Features

Classroom seating

Moveable seats allow the room to transition seamlessly from a traditional lecture setup to a seminar-style discussion group to small collaborative activities. Underneath, they provide ample storage for books, bags, skateboards, and other personal belongings. Every seat swivels 360 degrees and includes an adjustable arm table for accessibility. The varied colors enable faculty to easily direct students into working groups.

Room Audio Visual Controls

Wireless Technology
Any person in the room with a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop can access the projector to share their screen or files. A student sitting in the back can project from their device just as easily as a faculty member at the podium. The system is designed as a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) setup, which means it doesn’t have a dedicated computer in the space and takes advantage of the idea that most, if not all, of the users will have some type of device to use. Extra energy is not needed to keep an in-room computer powered, which, coupled with the motion-sensing lights, means that the space is only drawing power when actively in use.

Classroom Projector

The classroom’s solid-state laser projector is bright enough to be visible and clear regardless of the amount of natural light shining into the classroom and even with all of the lights on. It never requires bulb replacements, which translates into lower maintenance costs and less resource use. Furthermore, this laser projector provides superior energy efficiency and can be used heavily throughout the day without the danger of overheating.

Pitzer Classroom Initiative

The new lighting system provides outstanding visual acuity and comfort, both of which are proven to enhance learning. In addition, the motion-sensing LED lighting is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. When there is no activity in the classroom, the system shuts down.


The highly functional design of the advanced textile composite carpet has a 50 percent lower environmental impact than other commercial flooring. It is closed-loop recyclable, meaning it is made from recycled material and can be recycled after use. The individual panels are easily removable and replaceable, giving the floor an extended lifespan.

Office of College Advancement
For more information on how you can invest in the Pitzer College Innovative and Flexible Classroom Initiative, contact Executive Director for Advancement Jim Marchant
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