2020–21 Advancement Fellows and Ambassadors

When a 909 number calls, we hope you will answer! Our Advancement Ambassadors, who come from all over the world, gather in our on-campus calling center during the academic year to reach out to members of our alumni and parent community. They love hearing your Pitzer stories, talking to you about the Pitzer Fund and giving you the inside scoop on what’s happening on campus. By the time you hang up, you will be even more proud of being a part of Pitzer.

Meet the Ambassadors

Massimo Abbruzzese '22

Massimo Abbruzzese ’22

Brokke Bordonaro ’21

Brooke Bordonaro ’21

Sophia Cook '22

Sophia Cook ’22

Esme Fairbairn '22

Esme Fairbairn ’22

Hometown: New York, NY

Favorite 5C Meal: Scripps Lunch Salad

Favorite Professor: Phil Zuckerman

Callie Radecki '22

Callie Radecki ’22

Jessica Want

Jessica Wang ’22

Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA

Favorite 5C Meal: Pitzer Pasta Bar

Favorite Professor: Amanda Lagji