Individual interviews allow the Admission Counselor or Admission Fellow (current Pitzer senior) to learn more about the candidate while the student learns more about the College.

Schedule an Interview

On-campus, Skype, phone and alumni interviews are available for seniors from June (end of junior year) through mid-December at selected times throughout the day, Monday through Friday.

Interviews on Saturday mornings are available by appointment in the fall through mid-December. Although students may schedule an interview as early as the end of their junior year, we recommend that freshmen candidates wait until the summer or fall before their senior year in order to have a more informative and current conversation. We offer in-person, phone and Skype interviews.

Please note that interviews are optional. Applicants who are unable to, or choose not to interview are not at a disadvantage in the Pitzer application process.

Alumni interviews are available on a first come, first serve basis. Prospective students may only interview once: in-person, Skype, phone, Initial View (international students only) OR alumni interview.

Request an Alumni Interview

Interview Deadlines

First-Year Candidates – Interview Optional
November 15 – Early Decision I
December 15 – Early Decision II
December 15 – Regular Decision

Transfer Candidates – Interview Optional
April 1 – Fall Transfer
October 10 – Spring Transfer

New Resources Candidates (23+) – In-Person Interview Required
April 1 – All NRS Candidates

Transfer students and New Resources students can interview at any time, with some limited availability during certain times of the year.

International Students

We understand that international applicants often have a difficult time setting up Skype interviews with our staff due to the time difference, etc., so Pitzer has partnered with an organization named InitialView. International students who have not interviewed with a Pitzer staff member can participate in an interview conducted by InitialView. This interview will be conducted by InitialView and evaluated by a Pitzer Admission staff member when the student applies to the College.

Click here to learn more about InitialView.

Initial View Deadlines for First-Year Candidates

December 1 – Early Decision I
January 9 – Early Decision II
January 9 – Regular Decision

Please keep in mind that while we will accept InitialView interviews as if they are our own, the interviewers trained and provided by InitialView are not associated with Pitzer College. Do not expect your interviewer to be able to answer your questions about Pitzer.

Do NOT sign up for an InitialView interview if you have already completed or plan to complete an on-campus interview, OR if you are an international student living and attending high school in the United States.

NOTE: Pitzer does not partner with Kanwokanwo, and will not accept interviews submitted through this service.