Pitzer interviews are both evaluative and informational. These conversations allow our office to learn more about our applicants while prospective students learn more about the College. Almost all interviews will be conducted by our Admission Fellows who are current Pitzer seniors.

Interviews for prospective first-year applicants are available the summer before and the fall of their senior year. Interviews for prospective Spring Transfer applicants are available between June – October before our application deadline. Prospective Fall Transfer and New Resource applicants are welcome to sign up for an interview at any time, but we recommend registering for a slot between February – April, with interviews wrapping up by the April 1st application deadline.

Please note that all admission interviews are optional. Applicants who are unable or choose not to interview are not at a disadvantage in the Pitzer application process.

This fall, we will have both On-Campus and Virtual Interviews. Please sign up accordingly using the links below!

Schedule an On-Campus Interview

Schedule a Virtual Interview

Interview Deadlines 2022-2023

First-Year Candidates – Interviews Optional

November 15 – Early Decision I
December 8 – Early Decision II
December 8 – Regular Decision

Transfer Candidates – Interviews Optional

October 9 – Spring Transfer
March 28 – Fall Transfer

New Resources Candidates (23+) – Interviews Optional

March 28 – All NRS Candidates


We understand that international applicants often have a difficult time setting up interviews with our staff due to the time difference, etc., so Pitzer has partnered with an organization named InitialView. International students who have not interviewed with a Pitzer staff member can participate in an interview conducted by InitialView. This interview will be conducted by InitialView and evaluated by a Pitzer Admission staff member when the student applies to the College.

InitialView Deadlines for First-Year Candidates

December 1 – Early Decision I
January 9 – Early Decision II
January 9 – Regular Decision

Please keep in mind that while we will accept InitialView interviews as if they are our own, the interviewers trained and provided by InitialView are not associated with Pitzer College. Do not expect your interviewer to be able to answer your questions about Pitzer.

Do NOT sign up for an InitialView interview if you have already completed or plan to complete an on-campus interview, OR if you are an international student living and attending high school in the United States.