Pitzer Alumni Interview Program

Thank you for your interest in completing an Alumni Interview with Pitzer College! The deadline for registering for this type on interview was initially on December 8th but we had a large influx of interview requests, so we are no longer accepting submissions to keep up with the demand. If you would still like to complete an interview, we suggest you look into completing an on-campus, phone, or Skype interview with the Office of Admission. Registration can be found here.

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The mission of the Pitzer Alumni Interview Program is to provide prospective students with the opportunity to interview with Pitzer alumni in close proximity to their homes.

Alumni interviews are available on a first come, first serve basis. Prospective students may only interview once: in-person, Skype, phone, Initial View (international students only) OR alumni interview.

Only prospective first-year and transfer students living in the immediate geographical regions of the cities listed below (i.e. within approximately 10 miles) are eligible for alumni interviews. New Resources students must interview on campus with an Admission Counselor or Admission Fellow.


Interview Deadlines

First-Year Candidates – Interview is Optional
November 15 – Early Decision I
December 8 – Early Decision II
December 8 – Regular Decision

Transfer Candidates – Interview is Optional
April 1 – Fall Transfer
October 10 – Spring Transfer

Transfer students can interview at any time, with some limited availability during certain times of the year.

To Register for an Alumni Interview:

Click on the Request an Alumni Interview link at the bottom of the page, and then fill out the form that appears.

You will receive a confirmation email from Pitzer College when your registration form has been received by the Alumni Interview Coordinator.

You will be contacted by your Alumni Interviewer within 72 hours of submitting your registration form.

Your Alumni Interviewer will schedule the date, time and location of the interview with you.

Alumni Interviewer Bios

Please note that it may not be possible to re-schedule cancelled alumni interviews. All interviews will be conducted in public locations within the immediate geographical regions of the cities listed above.

Alumni Interview FAQS

Q: What are the benefits?
A: Interviews provide prospective students with the opportunity to both tell Pitzer more about themselves and learn more about the College. Since your interview will be conducted by a Pitzer alumnus or alumna, you will have the chance to learn about Pitzer from a former student.

Q: Are interviews required, or strongly recommended?
A: No. Interviews are completely optional. Applicants who are unable or choose not to interview are not at a disadvantage in the Pitzer application process.

Q: Do I need to schedule an interview in advance?
A: Yes, alumni interviews must be scheduled in advance. Generally speaking, alumni interviews are conducted within 2 weeks of the registration date.