Tour Guides

Maddy Bunnenberg-Ross '19

Name: Maddy Bunnenberg-Ross ’19

Major: Organismal Biology
Involvements: Asian Pacific American Coalition, MIX club
Fun Fact: I can whistle in 4 different ways

Prince Chabveka '19

Name: Prince Chabveka ’19

Major: Accounting
Involvements: Green Bike Program, IGLAS fellow, 5C slam
Fun Fact: I have English names even though its my third language

Name: Jennifer Kaku ’18

Major: Anthro/ASAM
Involvements: Asian Pacific American Coalition, Sponsor Program, CAPAS, IGLAS Fellow
Fun Fact: I lived in Tokyo, Japan for two years.

AJ Leon '18

Name: AJ Leon ’18

Major: Economics, Public Policy Analysis with focus in EA
Involvements: Claremont Climate Justice, Investment Club, Finance and Accounting, 5C Cycling
Fun Fact: I am a transportation geek- ask me about any urban transit infrastructure if you want to see my nerdy-side come out

William Ortiz '19

Name: William Ortiz ’19

Major: Organizational Studies
Involvements: C3: The Claremont Comicbook Community, Media Arts Gaming and Entertainment (MAGE), Latinx Student Union, First-Gen Club, Archery Club, Ultimate Frisbee, Grovehouse Committee
Fun Fact: I’m a huge comic book fan!

Parker Beak '19

Name: Parker Beak ‘19

Major/Minor/Concentration: Economics and Creative Writing Double Major
Involvement: Pitzer Chess Club, Pitzer Climbing Club, Pitzer Brew Club, Pitzer Outdoor Adventure, Pomona Pitzer Intramural Baseball, and Pitzer Orientation Leader
Fun Fact: I’m from Minnesota!

Alejandro Valdesuso-Pinney '20

Name: Alejandro Valdesuso-Pinney ‘20

Major/Minor/Concentration: Psychology and Media Studies
Involvement: Music Co, Golden Antlers, Campus Life (Senate), Table tennis, Shakedown Sounds
Fun Fact: I once stood in the same elevator as Enrique Iglesias.

Danya Sauerhaft '20

Name: Danya Sauerhaft ‘20

Major/Minor/Concentration: Neuropsychology/Economics (pre-med)
Involvement: Pitzer’s Activities Committee (PACT), Center for Asian Pacific American (CAPAS), Balcony Board Member  
Fun Fact: Snoop Dogg once told me that he thought I had a lot of talent.

Justin Coopersmith '20

Name: Justin Coopersmith ‘20

Major/Minor/Concentration: Philosophy, Politics & Economics
Involvement: Tour Guide, Intramural flag football
Fun Fact: I am a camp counselor and an archery enthusiast

Estefania Gallo '18

Name: Estefania Gallo ‘18

Major/Minor/Concentration: Gender and Feminist Studies
Involvement:  Latinx Student Union, Resident Assistant, Research Assistant, Acapella
Fun Fact: I sang in a competitive vocal jazz group throughout high school

Mariah Jenkins '20

Name: Mariah Jenkins ‘20

Major/Minor/Concentration: Geology
Involvement: I am a Robert Redford Conservancy Fellow, Member of Student Senates’ Diversity Committee, Coordinator for Tutors for a Cause
Fun Fact: I once snorkeled in bioluminescence

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