Diversity Interns

Diversity Intern Therese Boter

Therese Boter ’19

Major: Economics
Involvements: First-Gen Club, Asian Pacific American Coalition, Finance & Accounting
Favorite Pitzer class: First-Year Seminar: European Union
Fun Fact: My last name means “butter” in Dutch!

Diversity Intern Phil Brayley

Phil Brayley ’19

Major: Media Studies/Sociology
Involvements: Community Engagement Center, Indigenous Student Alliance, IndigeNation
Favorite Pitzer class: Indigenous Movements
Fun Fact: I can kinda sorta juggle but not really and I’m in the process of learning Portuguese

Adriana Ceron

Adriana Ceron ’18 

Major: Sociology & Chicano/a Latino/a Studies
Involvements: Mellon Mays Fellow, Research Assistant in topics of education, Latinx Student Union, ENCUENTROS
Favorite Pitzer class: Sociology of Education
Fun Fact: My thumbs are double jointed! And I also love cats!
Diversity Intern Bashel Lewis

Bashel Lewis ’19

Major: PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics)
Involvements: Black Student Union, DECA, First-Gen Club, Cooking Club, Residential Life
Favorite Pitzer class: Black Feminist Theory
Fun Fact: First Lady Michelle Obama posted me on her Instagram!

Jan Bragado '20

Jan Bragado ’20

Major: International & Intercultural Studies and Sociology Double Major; Italian studies minor
Involvements: I am a New Student Mentor, Diversity Intern, Vice President of Pitzer Activities and I work in the mail center. I am also a member of First-Gen, Kasama (Filipinx American Organization at the 5C’s), Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC), and Italian Club.
Favorite Pitzer class: Interdisciplinary Knowledge and Global Justice
Fun Fact: I worked in a water park during the summers in high school, but I do not know how to swim. I also LOVE tea.

Amanda Martin Lawrence '20

Amanda Martin-Lawrence ’20

Major: sociology and legal studies double major
Involvements: Residnet Assistant, student senate, Black Student Union, Teaching and Learning committee
Favorite Pitzer class: Qualitative Research Methods for Sociology
Fun Fact: I am Jamaican

Clara Fuget '20

Clara Fuget ’20

Major: Chicano/ Latino Transnational Studies and Spanish
Possible Minor: in Sociology
Involvements: Latino Student Union, Central American Student Association, Spanish Conversation Leader and Tutor.
Favorite Pitzer class: Central Americans in the United States with Prof. Suyapa Portillo Villeda
Fun Fact: I took a gap year before coming to Pitzer; in Nicaragua where I adopted three dogs, two chickens, and one Rooster.

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