Pitzer College at a Glance

A Distinctive Liberal Arts College
Pitzer College combines a small liberal arts college experience with all the resources of a major university. As a member of the Claremont University Consortium, Pitzer gives you access to about 2,500 courses per semester, more than 200 PITZER_Setups_April_2014_e_53clubs and organizations and 17 eateries across five contrasting yet communal campuses. The total enrollment of all the undergraduate colleges is about 5,500 students.

Mission Statement
Pitzer College produces engaged, socially responsible citizens of the world through an academically rigorous, interdisciplinary liberal arts education emphasizing social justice, intercultural understanding and environmental sensitivity. The meaningful participation of students, faculty and staff in college governance and academic program design is a Pitzer core value. Our community thrives within the mutually supportive framework of The Claremont Colleges, which provide an unsurpassed breadth of academic, athletic and social opportunities.

Core Values

  • Social Responsibility: At Pitzer, students spend four years examining the ethical implications of knowledge and individual responsibility in making the world better. They learn to evaluate the impact of individual and collective actions manifested in social and political policies.
  • Intercultural Understanding: Individual perspective and approach to the world are informed by the culture in which one resides.  Intercultural Understanding enables Pitzer students to comprehend issues and events from cultural lenses beyond their own. From Los Angeles to Botswana to Nepal, Pitzer students are educated to thrive and succeed in an ever-changing global community.
  • Interdisciplinary Learning: Pitzer College students are taught to challenge traditional ways of learning and to make immediate connections between academic disciplines. Faculty is organized by field groups instead of traditional academic departments. Scientists, sociologists, historians, writers and artists influence each other’s work and often teach courses together.
  • Student Engagement: Pitzer’s unique curriculum allows students the flexibility to direct their own educational and career paths by creating their own majors. In addition, students are active members of college governance – making decisions on everything from academic policies and faculty and staff hiring to public art displays and building design.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Sensitivity for and preservation of the environment is a key value of Pitzer College.  Campus landscaping utilizes drought-resistant, native plants and the College is proud of its many LEED-certified sustainable buildings. Students shape their daily activities, programming and studies to ensure they leave the environment and the world stronger than how they found it. Students interested in environmental issues will find Pitzer an exciting living and learning laboratory.

Pitzer is situated in the suburban town of Claremont at the base of the San Gabriel mountains with a population of about 35,000 people. Claremont enjoys an excellent climate year round with skiing, hiking, desert and ocean sports and one of the largest and most electrifying cities in the world all located within an hour’s drive. Downtown Los Angeles is also easily reached via the Metrolink commuter rail.

Commercial airline service is available through nearby Ontario International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport and John Wayne (Orange County) International Airport.

Directions and Travel Information

Pitzer requires fewer general education courses than most other colleges, so you get to take more of the courses that appeal to your individual interests. Students work with an academic advisor during orientation of their first year. Pitzer students can have as many advisors as they choose to best serve their intended majors and minors. Students must complete a Major/Educational Objectives form signed by their advisor and submit it to the Registrar’s Office no later than midterm of their first semester of junior year. A substantial part of junior and senior year is devoted to the major program. Field groups (similar to a discipline or department) organize major requirements and courses. Students may also design special majors in consultation with their advisors which then must be approved by the Curriculum Committee. Additionally, students may choose existing majors at the other Claremont Colleges provided that the fields are not offered as majors at Pitzer.



Pitzer outdoor classroom

Number of full-time faculty: 85
Part-time faculty: 30
Total faculty: 115
Faculty from minority groups: 34 (30% of total)
Women faculty: 58 (50.4% of total)
Men faculty: 57 (49.5% of total)
With PhD or terminal degree in field of expertise: 115 (100% of total)

Student-to-Faculty Ratio

Average Class Size

Murals at Pitzer
Murals are an integral part of the Pitzer College campus landscape. Click here to discover what you will see around campus!

International and National Student Awards

Emily Kawahara ’12 during her teaching Fulbright in Thailand.

Since our founding, Pitzer students were awarded hundreds of fellowships, scholarships and awards including:
217 Fulbright Fellowships
31 Watson Fellowships
28 Teach for America Corps
16 McNair Scholarships
15 Gilman International Scholarships
9 Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarships
8 Kemper Scholarships
7 Japan Exchange & Teaching Program Awards
7 Critical Language Enhancement Awards
6 Coro Fellowships
5 European Union Center of California Scholarships
5 Mellon Foundation Grants
5 Public Policy and International Affairs Fellowships

Student Fellowships & Scholarships

For current tuition and fees, please visit the Financial Aid page.

Elizabeth Bartolini ’12 (left) and Miriam Stiefel ’12 (right) on the Pitzer in Nepal Program

Study Abroad

53% of Pitzer students study abroad before graduation. Pitzer has also been the national leader in Fulbright Fellowships per 1,000 students for 11 of the last 12 year

Study Abroad

Fulbright Fellowships


Pitzer joins with Pomona College in the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. Athletic teams include men’s soccer, basketball, football, baseball, track & field, cross-country, golf, tennis, water polo, swimming & diving and women’s soccer, basketball, softball, track & field, cross-country, tennis, water polo, swimming & diving, lacrosse and volleyball. Pitzer students participate in The Claremont Colleges club sports programs that compete nationally. A wide variety of intramural sports are available to all students.

Pomona-Pitzer Athletics

Student Life

The Pomona-Pitzer Sagehens

Nearly 250 special interest clubs and organizations are offered by The Claremont Colleges. There are various on-campus entertainment events and off-campus recreational activities.

Pitzer College Clubs

Claremont Colleges Club Directory


There are 11,008 living alumni located in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and 56 countries worldwide.

Pitzer College graduates are prepared to take on life’s challenges while making a difference in their communities. Pitzer’s many impressive alumni include individuals with varied careers in arts, science and research, non-profit, education and public service.


Gifts can be directed, or restricted, to a specific program or College giving priority that is meaningful to you. We welcome gifts of all sizes from alumni, parents, close friends and other philanthropic partners. You may direct your gift to the Pitzer Fund in support of all our passionate students working to make a difference in the world, become a member of the Pitzer Society or designate a Special & Memorial Gift to help establish an annual student scholarship, internship, research award or create a living tribute or memorial on campus.

Ways to Give

Honnold/Mudd Library

Honnold/Mudd is the largest of The Claremont Colleges libraries, with holdings across all disciplines, including special collections, government publications and electronic resources. There are over 2 million books and journal volumes, 2,000 print periodical subscriptions, 35,000 online journals and over 32,000 e-books.

Services include an extensive Web site and online resources, in-person and virtual reference, individual and group instruction and customized delivery options like Interlibrary Loan.

Post-Graduate Plans

Freddy Valencia ’14 walks to accept his diploma

Graduation plans extracted from the Senior Survey in 2016 (Destination six months after graduation)

75% knowledge rate, which exceeds national standards

51% – Full-time employment
11% – Part-time employment
5% – Graduate school
10% – Fulbright
5% – Seeking employment
4% – Fellowship
4% – Service Program
3% – Internship
2% – Anticipated Grad School














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