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Founded in 1963, Pitzer College produces engaged, socially responsible citizens of the world through an academically rigorous, interdisciplinary liberal arts education emphasizing social justice, intercultural understanding and environmental sensitivity. Pitzer’s distinctive education combines a small liberal arts college experience with all the resources of a major university. As a member of the Claremont University Consortium, Pitzer gives you access to about 2,500 courses per semester, more than 200 clubs and organizations, and 17 eateries across five contrasting yet communal campuses.

What are the Claremont Colleges? What are the Core Values?

Pitzer’s Core Values

Social Responsibility: At Pitzer, students spend four years examining the ethical implications of knowledge and individual responsibility in making the world a better place. They learn to evaluate the impact of individual and collective actions manifested in social and political policies.

Intercultural Understanding: Individual perspective and approach to the world are informed by the culture in which one resides. Intercultural Understanding enables Pitzer students to comprehend issues and events from cultural lenses beyond their own. From Los Angeles to Botswana to Nepal, Pitzer students are educated to thrive and succeed in an ever-changing global community.

Interdisciplinary Learning: Pitzer College students are taught to challenge traditional ways of learning and to make immediate connections between academic disciplines. Faculty is organized by field groups instead of traditional academic departments. Scientists, sociologists, historians, writers and artists influence each other’s work and often teach courses together.

Student Engagement: Pitzer’s unique curriculum allows students the flexibility to direct their own educational and career paths by creating their own majors. In addition, students are active members of college governance – making decisions on everything from academic policies, faculty and staff hiring, to public art displays and building design.

Environmental Sustainability: Sensitivity for and preservation of the environment is very important to Pitzer College. Campus landscaping utilizes drought-resistant, native plants and the College is proud of its many LEED-certified sustainable buildings. Students shape their daily activities, programming and studies to ensure they leave the environment and the world stronger than how they found it. Students interested in environmental issues will find Pitzer an exciting living and learning laboratory.