Diversity Staff

Interns can be reached at admdiversity@pitzer.edu

Dwayne Okpaise

Dwayne Okpaise, Admission Counselor
Dwayne grew up in Simi Valley, California where he attended Santa Susana High School, and is happy to return home to Southern California. Dwayne earned his degree in art history from Reed College in Portland, Oregon. While a student at Reed, he spent a semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina and wrote his thesis on the relation between dictatorship and performance art in that country. In addition to working in the Admission Office at Reed, Dwayne was involved with the Multicultural Resource Center and student government. In his free time, Dwayne enjoys spending entire days at museums and using public transit to get around Los Angeles (don’t believe the rumors, LA has public transit!).

Diversity Intern Phil Brayley

Phil Brayley
Graduation Year: 2019
Hometown: Niagara Falls, NY
Intended Major: Sociology & Media Studies
Why I am a Diversity Intern: I went on the spring Diversity Program my senior year and it was the program that really made me decided to commit to Pitzer. When I got on campus I was hoping to be a part of the program and help those students wondering if Pitzer could be home for them.
The best thing about Pitzer is the people who make up our amazing community. The students are so involved with so many different things but are always trying to bring their minds together to create something completely new! The staff and faculty are very approachable and are always willing to listen and talk if you meet them halfway.
Extracurriculars I am involved in: Community Engagement Center (CEC) office assistant, Huerta Del Valle intern, Pomona College Powwow Committee, IndigeNation
What I do for fun: I have a lot of fun working with the local Native community with on-campus cultural programming as well as participating and learning about the culture of other indigenous people

Adriana Ceron

Adriana Ceron
Graduation Year: 2018
Hometown: Los Angeles
Major: Sociology
Why I am a Diversity Intern: I am a Diversity Intern because I believe in the programs mission of advocating for education equity and immersing students from underrepresented backgrounds to a liberal arts education. Just like the Diversity Interns eased my transition to college by sharing their experiences and giving me their full support, I now have a commitment to take that role and share my experience with students who are beginning a new chapter in their lives.
The best thing about Pitzer is our close-knit community, resources available for students, the consortium, and of course, the Pitzer dining hall!!
Extracurriculars I am involved in: Mellon Mays Fellow, Latinx Student Union, Research Assistant in topics of higher education, Encuentros
What I do for fun: Going to the Arts District (downtown Los Angeles), bike riding, playing with cats, and reading.

Bashel Lewis
Graduation Year: 2019
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Intended Major: Organizational Studies
Why I am a Diversity Intern: As the nation continues to progress (in some aspects), college institution should embrace this change. Whether this change be through policy, values, or campus climate marginalized students need to feel supported on college campuses. Even though, I , as a person of color have tried my best to advocate for equality, being a diversity intern has now given a platform to be a better catalyst for social and academic diversity. Therefore, I pledge to continue closing the educational gap and using my postion for change.
The best thing about Pitzer is our willingness to grow. Pitzer College prides itself on creating a community that is inclusive to all people.
Extracurriculars I am involved in: Black Student Union, DECA, First-Gen Club, and Cooking Club
What I do for fun: In my spare time, you can find me practicing for a stage-play or at a music festival.

Clara Fuget 
Graduation Year: 2020
Hometown: Seattle Wa, and Managua, Nicaragua
Major: Chicano/ Latino Transnational Studies and Spanish
Minor: in Sociology
Why I am a Diversity Intern: I believe it’s important to give all students wanting to enter higher education, the opportunity to do so. There are so many reasons why us underrepresented students shouldn’t be in college, but the Diversity Program allows for students to defy the odds, and continue their passion for learning.
The best thing about Pitzer is the interdisciplinary learning and the small classrooms which allows a very personal education and special relationships with professors.
Extracurriculars I am involved in: Latino Student Union, Central American Student Association, Spanish Conversation Leader and Tutor, Mellon Mays Undergraduate Research Fellow.
What I do for fun: I love to hang out on the mounds with my friends and my dog Lili. Outside of Claremont I love traveling with Lili and spending time with my friends from Nicaragua, and Seattle.

Aleo Pugh
Graduation Year: 2019
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Major: Africana Studies
Why I am a Diversity Intern: I want to engage with marginalized students, helping to inform and shape a decision that can be crucial in their futures.
The best thing about Pitzer is the ability to have both a small and large community as Pitzer is situated within a Consortium.
Extracurriculars I am involved in: IGLAS Fellow, Resident Assistant, Black Student Union
What I do for fun: I write music and articles, play guitar and run.