Cecil Says: Why Did You Choose to Attend Pitzer?

cecil Over the next several months, high school students all around the world will receive admit letters from colleges and universities. After tearing open the envelopes and sharing the good news with family and friends, the hard work will begin: “Which college should I attend?” “Which of these colleges is the best fit for me?” “What should I attend this school as opposed to this one?” To help students as they grapple with the difficult choices ahead, we thought we’d ask  our students why they chose to become members of the Pitzer community. Hopefully their insights will help you decide where to spend your next four years!


A Conversation with Dr. Roberta Espinoza, Professor of Sociology

Roberta Espinoza

A member of the Pitzer community since 2012, Dr. Roberta Espinoza is an associate professor in the Sociology field group. In a candid interview, Dr. Espinoza discusses community engagement, Pivotal Moments and the barriers first-generation college students face in the college application process. (more…)

Top 10: Things To Do Off-Campus!

Jenna-FlorioPitzer student Jenna Florio ’15 discusses 10 fun-filled activities students can do off-campus, both in Claremont and throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Jenna’s insight provides prospective students with a wonderful, budget-conscious travel guide to Southern California!



The International Student Experience

Wall of MoneyWhen students enter the office of Todd Sasaki, student advisor and director of International Programs at Pitzer, they are often struck by the vast amount of paper money taped to one of his walls. The impressive display of currency was long ago dubbed “The Wall of Money”!


“The Wall of Money is something that started with an international student from Russia,” remembers Sasaki, laughing “When I put the 10 ruble bill he gave me on the wall, people started putting currency from their countries up on the wall. I started asking for contributions, and even more notes came in!”