Interim Admission Counselor Cassandra Flores-Montano
Cassandra Flores-Montaño

Interim Admission Counselor

Cassandra was born in El Centro, California and grew up in Murrieta/Temecula where she attended Chaparral High School. Seeking a new adventure, she travelled across the country to pursue a degree in Women’s and Gender Studies at Wellesley College. During her four years at Wellesley, Cassandra learned to brave the harsh Boston winters, conducted research on social movements, studied Arabic, and played water polo. After graduating, she stayed in the Northeast to work at the Gay and Lesbian Latinx AIDS Education Initiative in Philadelphia and The Office of Intercultural Education at Wellesley College. Cassandra’s deep-seated love for the West Coast drew her back to California where she enjoys spending quality time with her family and working at an amazing institution like Pitzer! Cassandra’s most recent travels include a trip to Egypt, where she explored the bustling street markets of Cairo and the ancient tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

Recruitment and application reading territories: California (Imperial, Riverside, San Diego), Illinois, Nevada, Oregon, International (Ireland, United Kingdom)