Stephen ’18


Stephen ’18

Major: Biology

Minor: Sociology

Currently: EMT

“Since graduating from Pitzer in 2018 with a Biology major, and a Sociology minor, I’ve returned to Seattle, where I’ve worked two sequential research jobs at Seattle Children’s, one in wet lab research, and the other in clinical research. I’ve found that helping patients is something that satisfies a desire for service and medicine simultaneously. In pursuit of this, I’ve chosen to leave my job as a researcher for a job as an EMT here in Seattle. I hope to gain a better understanding of how our first response system works, and how that impacts patient care once they’re in the hospital by seeing it first-hand.

In my free time, I run, lift weights, practice Aikido, and creatively write. There are a lot of unknowns and rapid changes in post grad life, but it’s the willingness to adapt to new situations that has helped me succeed the most.