Mollie ’18


Mollie ’18

Major: Organizational Studies

Minor: Sociology

Currently: International Marketing at Warner Records

“I help product manage the international music careers for the artists at Warner Records by assisting on and creating marketing campaigns and artist development strategies specific to the international markets. This job is done with the goal of communicating our artists’ message in order to grow their profile and share their music globally. My favorite part is being around all the music and helping bring the artists vision to life. There’s nothing like hearing the music for the first time and then working on the project, releasing the music into the world, and seeing it all come together.

I majored in Organizational Studies with a minor in Sociology at Pitzer. Organizational Studies is unique in the sense that you can apply it almost anywhere. Both my major and my minor are very helpful in what I do, even though they don’t correlate directly to my line of work.

When I was choosing a college, I decided I wanted to take advantage of attending a liberal arts school and chose to study subject matters that captivated me, versus choosing something that was planned around a specific career or industry. I supplemented the media and music exposure where I could, whether it was through focused coursework, self-designed research topics or extracurricular activities.

My advice would be to slow down. You have your whole life to figure out what you want to do, and there’s no rush – it always works out the way it’s supposed to in the end. Just find something you genuinely enjoy, ask a lot of questions, go out of your comfort zone and everything else will fall into place, even if that does sound cheesy.”