Meet our Recent Graduates


We asked recent graduates what they’ve been up to since they left Pitzer. Check out some alumni highlights below!

Kaila headshot cropped

Kaila ’22

Major: Foreign Language Education (self-designed)

Post-grad: Business Analyst at Egon Zehnder

“After graduating from Pitzer, I returned to my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia and I worked remotely as an Operations Intern at Wisetack, a financial technology startup. Working at Wisetack, I focused primarily on Human Resources and Business Operations related projects. Originally, I planned to finish my internship and begin a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Italy; however, due to personal reasons, I withdrew from the program and began a job search! I accepted an offer to work as a Business Analyst at Egon Zehnder, an executive search firm after concluding my internship. I am now based in Washington, D.C., and in my free time, I enjoy discovering new hobbies, reading, spending time with friends, playing video games, traveling, and exploring local restaurants!”

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Vivian ’22 

Major: Neuroscience

Post-grad: Clinical Research Coordinator at Mass General Hospital

“Since graduating with honors in 2022 with a degree in neuroscience, I left my long time home of California for Boston, Massachusetts. I work as a Clinical Research Coordinator in the Psychiatry Department of Massachusetts General Hospital under Harvard Medical School professors. It has been an amazing adventure that I feel Pitzer uniquely prepared me for. Because of Pitzer’s solely undergraduate nature, I had many more research opportunities to take advantage of than I would if I had to compete with grad students. My current research is uniquely community based, something Pitzer also prepared me for. Being given the chance to focus on student engagement and social responsibility during undergrad made me incredibly fulfilled and gave me skills I need in my current job.”

Milena '22

Milena ’22 

Major: Organizational Studies (concentration in Leadership & Urban Studies)

Minor: Sociology

Post-grad: Graduate Student at Tufts University pursuing an MA in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Leadership Studies

“Being the Identity Board Chair at Pitzer and concentrating in Leadership for my major set me up nicely for the program I am in now. I am taking classes such as: Facilitation & Mediation in DEIJ, Law, Polices, & Politics in DEIJ, Program Evaluation, and Leadership and Organizational Change. I have gotten the opportunity to meet many DEIJ Practitioners who are actively working in the field, which was been very exciting. Next semester, I will begin my thesis and I plan to look into how transnational adoptees experience and feel love and how that impacts their desire and willingness to engage in racial justice efforts.”

Eamon Headshot

Eamon ’22

Major: Media Studies

Post-grad: Executive Assistant at Purveyors of Pop

“Since graduating from Pitzer, I moved to North Hollywood and have been working as an Executive Assistant for three reality TV producers at Purveyors of Pop. I promise they’re not as scary as they seem, but they are pretty scary. I’m enjoying being out there and hope to transition to scripted film and TV at some point in the future!”


Natalie ’17 

Major: Human Biology

Post-grad: Fulbright Fellowship to Spain teaching English, Science Teacher at a Montessori School in Atlanta, GA.

Currently: First-year Med Student at Medical College of Wisconsin.

The interdisciplinary nature of my Human Biology major has also been huge these past few years, and I’m really grateful to have attended a college that values the diverse skills and perspectives drawn on in a field like biological science. The opportunity to study the intersection of health and humanities from early on has been formative of my passion for sex education. In general, I believe an undergraduate science program that emphasizes the social, emotional, and environmental aspects of health science has given me an advantage in thinking critically about accessible and patient-centered care.”


Zander ’19

Major: Organizational Studies, Psychology & Creative Writing

Currently: Instructional Designer at Xandr in New York City.

“Through my job, I have developed a passion in creating inclusive e-learning classroom experiences, as I create content and curriculum for global clients. Even though I am a recent graduate, I am extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to step up and take on major roles in redeveloping our sales onboarding curriculum to train our sales teams, sync with leaders in product marketing and project management in preparation for product releases, and work on our platform certificate program.”

Therese Boter, Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America, LEDA at Princeton University

Therese ’19

Major: Economics

Currently: Financial Analyst at Goldman Sachs

“At Pitzer, I was constantly surrounded by peers who were just as curious (if not more), and professors who were willing to learn about me and cared about my growth. My experiences allowed me to find comfort in challenging ideas and systems, collaborating with others to form solidarity and work towards a vision, as well as utilizing critical thinking – all of which I use in my day-to-day work.”



Stephen ’18

Major: Biology

Minor: Sociology

Currently: EMT

“Since graduating from Pitzer in 2018 with a Biology major, and a Sociology minor, I’ve returned to Seattle, where I’ve worked two sequential research jobs at Seattle Children’s, one in wet lab research, and the other in clinical research. I’ve found that helping patients is something that satisfies a desire for service and medicine simultaneously. “



Carlos ’18

Major: Political Studies

Currently: Manager of Persistence at EMERGE

“I majored in Political Studies at Pitzer, so I don’t think my work necessarily relates directly back to my major. However, this is something I appreciated about Pitzer. I was able to explore a discipline I felt passionate about while it may not have related directly to a career I wanted to pursue. While at Pitzer I discovered a passion for political parties in the US and abroad, however, its something I haven’t followed up on because of our current political climate. A goal I’d like to accomplish is to create a system that holds school boards accountable for the policy and budgets they implement.”

Mollie '18

Mollie ’18

Major: Organizational Studies

Minor: Sociology

Currently: International Marketing at Warner Records

“I majored in Organizational Studies with a minor in Sociology at Pitzer. Organizational Studies is unique in the sense that you can apply it almost anywhere. Both my major and my minor are very helpful in what I do, even though they don’t correlate directly to my line of work.”