Joshua Choate ’14


Joshua Choate ’14.

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Occupation: Social Media & Customer Service Specialist at ReviewInc

Favorite Pitzer Class?: 
American History – I learned about different viewpoints on the history of our country, transfers of power, how we defined American identity, and how the lives of Americans have changed throughout the growth of the nation

What was the most meaningful lesson you learned outside of the classroom?: 
To give back to the community that taught me. During my time at Pitzer, I volunteered as a mentor with a local non-profit called Uncommon Good. I tutored and supported a high school freshman who was struggling with his grades, and needed academic and social support. This experience taught me the importance of giving back to the Claremont community, and giving others the support they need to achieve their goals and aspirations.

What are three things every Pitzer Student should learn?: 
#1. Acquire a thirst for knowledge – Learning to listen to diverse opinions, and to draw conclusions based on thorough review of all the data, and express those conclusions clearly and succinctly both verbally and in writing.

#2 Develop your work ethic – A hard work ethic will take you far in any organization. Fulfilling your role within an organization, supporting colleagues with their assignments and taking on new responsibilities will show employers that you are a team member, and dependable and ambitious enough to be an asset to the organization.

#3 Have a good attitude – Staying calm under pressure, keeping a smile on your face and having a sense of humor will help you connect with others, make it through challenges, and broaden your social network as you become the person everyone wants on their team.

Final thoughts on PItzer?: 
Pitzer is a place to make learning your own, and a place where you can be yourself. Pitzer thrives on having a diverse community of people, expressions and ideas, which allows the College to produce independent, open-minded and skilled students who are agents of change and leaders in their communities.