Ellen Glikbarg Shea ’88


Ellen Glikbarg Shea ’88.

Hometown: San Carlos, CA

Pitzer Majors: Music

Occupation: Singer & Singing Instructor

Can you describe a meaningful interaction you had with a faculty member?: 
I was a music major, so all of my classes for my major were at Scripps. I also took a lot of psychology and sociology courses at Pitzer because I knew I would learn invaluable information from experts in their fields. My favorite interaction with a professor came in an Anthropology of Music course (basically ethnomusicology). The course offered the perfect blend of music, culture and sociology, and since the instructor was a musician, it brought all of my worlds together and led to great discussions!

How would you describe the classroom environment at Pitzer?:
Pitzer classes are small, which allows for a great connection with the instructors, and means you have to be accountable for your attendance and work. You’re not a number in a big auditorium, but rather an individual whose opinions matter as part of the learning process.

What is the key to thriving at Pitzer?:
Find your people. Whether it’s peers, faculty, staff, clubs or students at the other Claremont Colleges, Pitzer is a supportive and accepting place.

What are the advantages of The Claremont Colleges?:
Even though Pitzer was a small school and I knew everyone’s faces, there were always more people to meet within the other colleges. The fact that I took classes at Scripps and Pomona allowed me to meet other students and faculty while still “coming home” to Pitzer.

What is your favorite Pitzer memory?:
Too many to name! My favorite memories involve my friends. I established my best friends at Pitzer, and we all grew up together. I couldn’t begin to choose a favorite between selling wares at Kohoutek, being the lead singer in a band made up of Mudders (i.e. Harvey Mudd students), dining in McConnell with my entire dorm floor every dinner of my first year, going up to Mt. Baldy to gather snow to throw off my balcony at Mead, performing at graduation, and so many more invaluable moments. Pitzer is so much more than an academic experience!