Alumni Profiles


We asked graduates from previous years about their what they’ve been doing since they left. Click below to find out more!

Bryan Beak ’84.

Hometown: Urbana, IL, currently residing in Seattle, WA
Pitzer Majors: Psychology & Organizational Behavior
Occupation: Amazon executive

“Pitzer is an incredibly diverse set of individuals, knit together by the core values. Everyone finds their people. It’s what a community would be like if you took the 20 most interesting, unique, accomplished students from high schools around the world, and dropped them into Claremont, CA for four years!”

Ellen Glikbarg Shea ’88.

Hometown: San Carlos, CA
Occupation: Singer & Singing Instructor
Pitzer Major: Music

“Pitzer classes are small, which allows for a great connection with the instructors, and means you have to be accountable for your attendance and work. You’re not a number in a big auditorium, but rather an individual whose opinions matter as part of the learning process.”

JoAnn Copperud ’73.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Pitzer Major: Anthropology

“[Pitzer is] a hotbed of learning! A thriving intellectual community where students and faculty care about making the world a better place.”

Joshua Choate ’14.

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
Occupation: Social Media & Customer Service Specialist at ReviewInc

“Pitzer is a place to make learning your own, and a place where you can be yourself. Pitzer thrives on having a diverse community of people, expressions and ideas, which allows the College to produce independent, open-minded and skilled students who are agents of change and leaders in their communities.”

Edward “Eddie” Pickett III ‘08.

Hometown: Berkely/Oakland, CA
Occupation: College Counselor and Dean
Pitzer Major: Double majored in Media Studies and Studio Art