Maddy Bunnenberg-Ross

Maddy Bunnenberg-Ross




Portland, OR



Organismal Biology and English & World Literature


Why did you chose Pitzer?

I chose Pitzer because of our core value of interdisciplinary learning. I knew I wanted to major in Biology, and I wanted to be able to view science through the lens of a different discipline. The graduation requirements at Pitzer allowed me to double major which has been such a valuable experience.


What are your post-Pitzer plans?

I am working as an Ecology technician in Acadia National Park in Maine!


What do you think makes Pitzer special?

Our core values attract students who are passionate and hardworking.


What is your favorite part of campus? Why?

Our campus’ plants! All of the landscaping here make Pitzer such a beautiful place to live and learn.


Do you have any words of advice for current/admitted students?

Join 5C clubs and meet students from different years and schools!


What else would you like to share about your experience at Pitzer?

A particularly impactful academic experience I had here was my independent study: Scientific Literature. I created this class to bring my two majors together and engage intentionally with interdisciplinary learning. It has been one of my favorite classes.