Christian Moniz

Christian Moniz


Photo by Maddy Bunnenberg-Ross


Waikoloa, HI



Media Studies and English


Why did you chose Pitzer?

Pitzer was the first college campus I set foot on! My mom said I belonged here. I ended up applying ED II to CMC (I hadn’t even visited CMC, it just looked pretty online), got rejected, and I came to Pitzer for the Spring Diversity Program. Upon visiting, I realized that I really did belong here the whole time.


What is your favorite memory at Pitzer?

Every time I was on an Orientation Adventure, whether as a new student or as a trip leader, any time I got to dance outside with a large group of people, and any time I got pasta bar at Pitzer.


What is one of the most important lessons you’ve learned while at Pitzer?

To rip up my cool card.


Do you have any words of advice for current/admitted students?

Rip up YOUR cool card.


How has Pitzer challenged you and how has Pitzer helped you find success?

Pitzer has challenged me academically. I’m a first-gen student and the transition to college was tumultuous. In that sense, Pitzer has also helped me find a lot of success by giving me the resources to build the community I needed.