International Scholars Program Student Profiles, 2013-14

Dixinyao "Moonlight" Zhu

Dixinyao, known to her friends as Moonlight, comes to Pitzer from Beijing, China by way of Massachusetts where she attended a prominent boarding school. Moonlight chose her nickname to remind herself that there is always light and hope when things get difficult. Family friends living in California recommended Pitzer to Moonlight because of Pitzer's liberal arts environment. Moonlight says she was delighted to be accepted here and has already made friends at Pitzer. Before coming to Pitzer, Moonlight was a volunteer teacher. She also loves travelling, reading, and playing softball and volleyball. When she's not doing any of those things, she is trying to decide what major to declare, but knows she has some time thanks to Pitzer's policies.

Sydney Calander

Patcharaporn "Nam" Maneerat

Patcharaporn, nicknamed Nam, is from Chiang Mai in the northern part of Thailand. Nam is studying in the U.S. after being awarded a prestigious Thai government scholarship to study geology in the U.S., all the way through her doctorate. Nam became interested in geology after an enormous flood ravaged her hometown five years ago. It destroyed many homes and local businesses, including her parents' restaurant. Nam's goal is to learn more about how to prevent such destruction when Mother Nature strikes. After completing her schooling in the U.S., Nam will work for the Thai government. Meanwhile, she enjoys listening to music with her friends and eating as much Mexican food as she can get, especially salsa.

Xingtao "Dan" Yu

Xingtao, or Dan, says he came to Pitzer in order to have a complete American experience, including improving his English language skills. Dan is from a small city in China called Hangzhou. He says it is very beautiful and the people there are very nice. Dan plans to major in civil engineering and is a huge fan of the Southern Californian weather and sunshine. Having already learned to surf, he looks forward to being able to do so year round.

Tszyu "Thomas" Pak

When Thomas isn't day dreaming about getting a husky puppy or starting a guitar-centered band here at Pitzer, he is taking psychology and management courses in preparation for a future career in stocks and bonds. Before coming to Claremont, Thomas split his living and studying time between Hong Kong and Beijing. Since moving to southern California, Thomas says he has a deep, newfound love for Mexican food which might be solely responsible for keeping him here long after his schooling is completed. He does admit to missing his family, including two sisters and three brothers back home, and looks forward to visiting his family soon!

Shiming "Ming" Xiong

Shiming, also known as Ming, comes to Pitzer from Beijing China, and attended three years of high school in New Hampshire before moving to Southern California. During high school, Ming was very active in the Green Club on her campus. Now at Pitzer, Ming is planning to major in environmental analysis and minor in economics. She hopes to travel to Europe and Japan in the time between finishing college and entering the work force. If she does, she might have the opportunity to visit some of her classmates from the International Scholars Program. In her free time, Ming enjoys rocking out to indie music with her friends, and riding her longboard skateboard.

Yulia Kasperskaya

Yulia makes her way to Pitzer all the way from the biting cold Siberian region of Russia. Before coming to Pitzer she attended a year of high school in Pennsylvania where she organized the Russian club and was active in the photography club. Now, Yulia is taking business courses to prepare for her future entrepreneurial endeavors, taking yoga classes for relaxation, and continuing to dabble in photography. Yulia is very much looking forward seeing her family back home during winter break, even though the flight is seventeen hours and she'll miss out on some of the warm Southern California winter.

Biyu Mi

Biyu, from near Shanghai, China, chose Pitzer College because of the small school environment, and the close relationships between students and professors. She is settling into life at Pitzer and says she loves her dorm room and her roommate. Before coming to Pitzer, Biyu organized an awareness raising campaign, tutoring cooperative, and fundraiser for immigrant children in her neighborhood. Now she is studying social sciences to prepare for a career as an event planner. Biyu is not sure of what she'll do after she graduates, but in the short-term she is looking forward to going home over winter break to visit her parents.

Jinbin "Ben" Liang

Ben joins the Pitzer community from Southern China, where his family, including two older sisters, one younger sister, and one younger brother, still reside in Shenzhen. Ben's extended family lives in the same area and includes over 100 people, so being away from them for the first time has definitely made him feel a little homesick. On the other hand, he says he is enjoying his experience at Pitzer, and is looking forward to playing intramural soccer at the 5C's. Ben loves all kinds of sports and has been playing basketball, volleyball, and badminton with friends and exploring Claremont Village on his bike. In addition to sports, Ben says he loves American food, especially all things with beef and steak.

Mengya "Angel" Qi

Angel is from the Chinese coastal city of Tsingtao, which, she points out, is very famous for its beer. After attending two years of high school in Michigan, she studied English at Citrus College, where she learned about the Claremont Colleges. Angel was ecstatic when she was accepted to Pitzer, because a liberal arts education is most enticing for her. Angel will major in environmental studies which she plans use in China upon graduation by revolutionizing her family's waste processing business to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Shenghui "Dean" Hua

Dean comes to the U.S. from Shanghai, China and says he loves the beautiful nature and landscapes of his native country. Although this is Dean's first time in the U.S, he says he is not homesick and loves life at Pitzer College. Currently, he is undecided regarding his major, but is leaning towards economics. In his free time, Dean enjoys playing basketball, badminton, and board games.

Tharathep "Nes" Sangsawang

Nes comes to Pitzer from Phuket, Thailand. Growing up by the beach, he always dreamed of surfing, but the waves near his home were too small. Now that he has arrived in Southern California, Nes is excited to finally learn to surf. When he isn't surfing, Nes will be studying math. Nes received a Thai government scholarship to study mathematics in the United States, with the eventual goal of becoming a mathematics professor. Nes says American-style Thai food it isn't quite as good as back home, but enjoys it nonetheless. If American-style Thai food was spicier it would be more authentic – "The spicier the better!" he says emphatically.

Yulin "Lancelot" Liu

Yulin says he wanted to be anything but "normal" when he was younger. At the age of 12 he read about King Arthur's court and made the firm decision to be nicknamed "Lancelot." Lancelot is considering a double major in psychology and economics here at Pitzer. Prior to coming here, he studied English language in Seattle, Washington for six weeks. The experience was so positive, that he decided he wanted to attend college in the United States. Lancelot looks forward to skiing and ice skating this winter, but is currently taking introduction to jazz dance at Scripps to keep himself busy until his favorite sports season begins. Don't ask Lancelot to cut his hair, because he claims it is his best feature and what helps people remember him.

Sippanon "Yacht" Kitimoon

Sippanon, from Chiang Mai, Thailand, was given the nickname, Yacht, based on his parent's love for the sea. Most of his family vacations have included ocean destinations. Before coming to Pitzer, Yacht attended high school briefly in Maine, but says he absolutely despised the food there. So far he is much happier being on the West Coast. Yacht is a Thai scholar being sponsored by his government to study mathematics and become a mathematics professor in due course. While in the U.S., Yacht would love to be a spectator at the next X-Games. His love for extreme sports originates from his days as the under-15 mountain bike champion of Thailand.

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