Hometown: Portland, OR
Major(s): Mathematics
Hobbies/Activities @ Pitzer: Men’s Tennis team, math tutor

Sam Malech ’18

Graduation Year: 2018

Major(s): Mathematics

Hobbies/Activities @ Pitzer: Men’s Tennis team, math tutor

Why did you choose to attend Pitzer?

The people I met when I visited campus were the most friendly and open people I met during my college search. Of course, the school is great, and you can’t beat the weather, but I chose to come to Pitzer to be around people with whom I would enjoy spending four years.

What is your favorite spot on campus and why?

The Gold Student Center! I always use the GSC to work out and swim, and I go get snacks there on Tuesday nights.

How would you describe the social scene at Pitzer?

We make our own fun! There aren’t a huge number of parties at the Claremont Colleges, but all the students have fun. We go to the beach and throw our own parties. It’s never boring here.

How would you describe the classroom environment at Pitzer?

The classes are all small and taught by professors. Class discussions are always open to student opinions. The professors are invested in the student’s success, and hold regular office hours if class hours don’t provide enough time for the student to get the help they need.

How have you benefitted from the Claremont Consortium?

Many of the classes I have taken towards my major and minor (German) have been taken at the other Claremont Colleges. This has allowed me to be ahead of schedule in terms of finishing my major and minor, which makes it easier to do things like play sports or study abroad.

What is your favorite Pitzer memory thus far?

Going beach camping during my Orientation Adventure. That was the first time I had ever been camping.

How can first-year students enjoy a smooth transition to Pitzer?

Get your homework done as soon as it is assigned! It’s easy to put it off, but having your homework done early takes a lot of stress off your shoulders.