Hometown: Denver, CO
Academic Interests: Feminist Public Health, Sociology and Spanish
Hobbies/Activities @ Pitzer: Judicial Council, Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault, Body Positive

Jessa Stein ’17

Graduation Year: 2017

Major(s): Feminist Public Health, Sociology and Spanish

Hobbies/Activities @ Pitzer: Judicial Council, Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault, Body Positive

Why did you choose to attend Pitzer?

I chose to attend Pitzer College because of the core values. Social responsibility is the main value in my life that I want to follow throughout my job related life and personal life. Pitzer and the Pitzer community completely encompasses what social responsibility means to me. To me, there was no better fit than a school that strongly believes in social responsibility and has small class sizes with professors that care about their students academically and outside of the classroom.

What is your favorite spot on campus and why?

My favorite spot(s) on Pitzer’s campus are our many hammocks and benches. I love relaxing in these places, especially when there is a clear sky. Pitzer is a great place to stargaze!

Describe a meaningful interaction you had with a Pitzer faculty member.

I had the same Spanish professor for two semesters. He saw that I really wanted to learn Spanish, but was struggling with some the grammar. He would stay after class with me multiple times a week to help explain concepts to me one-on-one. I am now minoring in Spanish.

How would you describe the social scene at Pitzer?

The social scene at Pitzer is very diverse. There are parties to go to, but if you’re not interested, there are a lot of other options to just hang out and meet new people.

How would you describe the classroom environment at Pitzer?

The classroom environment at Pitzer is very intimate. Most classes have around fifteen students, so the professor really gets to know each student, plus their strengths and weaknesses.

How have you benefitted from the Claremont Consortium?

I have benefitted from the Claremont Consortium in more ways than I can count! The variety of classes that the Consortium offers is tremendous. I have one professor that I became very close with through a class at Pomona, but the professor was from Scripps, and the class consisted of students from all five colleges. It was one of the best classes I have ever taken! We visited a prison every two weeks, which completely opened my eyes to a different world. I am now taking more classes with this professor, and she has written multiple recommendation letters for me.

What is your favorite Pitzer memory thus far?

My favorite Pitzer memory thus far is Parent Weekend during my first year at Pitzer. My parents flew out and took me and fifteen friends out to dinner in the Claremont Village. It was so wonderful to introduce my parents to all of my new friends, and have them see my new life first-hand!

How would you define Pitzer?

Pitzer is a school that really believes in its core values of social responsibility, interdisciplinary learning, environmental sustainability, intercultural understanding, and student engagement.

What’s something all prospective students should know about Pitzer?

Use all of the resources that are there for you. There are an abundance of resources and people that want to help you succeed in whatever field you choose!

How can first-year students enjoy a smooth transition to Pitzer?

Remember that everyone is going through the same transition as you. Be kind to yourself through the transition, and know that you have people to whom you can reach out. You are not alone.