Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Academic Interests: Media Studies and Computer Science
Hobbies/Activities @ Pitzer: Women’s lacrosse, Grove House kitchen staff, computer science tutor

Grace Geller ’16

Pitzer Social Media Interns

Graduation Year: 2016

Major(s): Media Studies and Computer Science

Hobbies/Activities @ Pitzer: Women’s lacrosse, Grove House kitchen staff, computer science tutor

Why did you choose to attend Pitzer?

I chose Pitzer after visiting the campus and interacting with the students. Each individual I met mirrored a section of my interests while at the same time having unique passions. Pitzer’s core values stood out to me as more than academic objectives. I understood them to be social and personal objectives, and they each were traits I was interested in learning more about at Pitzer.

What is your favorite spot on campus and why?

The couches in the Marquis Library at the most comfortable in the Claremont Colleges!

Describe a meaningful interaction you had with a Pitzer faculty member.

Dr. Stephanie Hutin has helped me with all of my Media Studies projects. Like many Pitzer professors, she respects my personal style, and gives individual attention and feedback to each of my projects. She has also helped me with applications for internships, fellowships and career opportunities outside of Pitzer.

How would you describe the social scene at Pitzer?

The social scene is very inclusive. There are events for everyone, and the community is really supportive and friendly. Since our classes are smaller, it is really easy to get to know a lot a people and see them on a regular basis. The Pitzer scene is very active and takes advantage of the natural resources around us. Expect to go on spontaneous midnight hikes on Mt. Baldy, or a museum exhibit in Los Angeles!

How have you benefited from the Claremont Consortium?

I’m majoring in Computer Science through Pomona College, which means I’m able to combine a more traditional liberal arts education at Pitzer while taking advantage of the Pomona College Computer Science department’s incredible resources! Through the Women’s Lacrosse team (which is comprised of both Pitzer and Pomona students), I have gained a strong sense community, and have been able to learn from amazing coaches.

What is your favorite Pitzer memory thus far?

My favorite memory was winning the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC) championship for the first time in team history in April 2015, at our home field. The Women’s Lacrosse team continued on to the NCAA Tournament, and into the Sweet Sixteen team grouping!

What’s something all prospective students should know about Pitzer?

You will want to experience everything as soon as you arrive on campus, but learn to manage your time – you have four years on campus, which is plenty of time to explore all Pitzer has to offer! The academics are rigorous, so try not to spread yourself too thin. At the same time, Pitzer is full of impassioned student leaders. Try something new when you arrive. There are plenty of opportunities to learn outside of the classroom, as well.