Cecil Says: Why Did You Choose to Attend Pitzer?

cecil Over the next several months, high school students all around the world will receive admit letters from colleges and universities. After tearing open the envelopes and sharing the good news with family and friends, the hard work will begin: “Which college should I attend?” “Which of these colleges is the best fit for me?” “What should I attend this school as opposed to this one?” To help students as they grapple with the difficult choices ahead, we thought we’d ask  our students why they chose to become members of the Pitzer community. Hopefully their insights will help you decide where to spend your next four years!

 Gabriel Madrid “I decided to attend Pitzer because I thought it was a great school with lots of resources for its students. I also really enjoyed the student life and I thought that I would fit right in.”

Gabriel Madrid ‘17


Chino, CA

 Naomi Schwartz

“When I began my college search, I was looking for small liberal arts colleges where I could study science. I was attracted to Pitzer because of its wonderful science department, but when I toured the campus, I fell in love with the school atmosphere as well. It is rare to find a school with such passionate students and no cutthroat competition. It was exactly what I was looking for.”

Naomi Schwartz ‘16


Seattle, WA

 Loring Thomas “I chose to attend Pitzer for two reasons: the strong emphasis on social justice and environmental analysis, and the fact that the Claremont University Consortium gives me access to far more resources that if the other colleges were not here.”

Loring Thomas ‘17

Computer Science and Sociology

Claremont, CA

 Kristen Park “I was able to attend Pitzer’s Preview Pitzer Program as a senior in high school. The Preview Pitzer Program was the reason I chose Pitzer.”

Kristen Park ‘17

Psychology and Asian American Studies

Brea, CA

 Taylor Caldwell “I chose to attend Pitzer partly because I wanted to leave rainy Seattle for sunny California (can you blame me?), and also because I thought that the unique consortium environment would provide me with more resources and more opportunities. I also chose Pitzer for its amazing and highly regarded study abroad program.”

Taylor Caldwell ‘15

Psychology (Asian Studies minor)

Mercer Island, WA

 Ciera Fleming “I applied to Pitzer because the Core Values matched up with my own. When I visited the campus, everyone I met was so nice and welcoming. I knew I wanted to surround myself with these amazing people!”

Ciera Fleming ‘16

Organizational Studies

Kapolei, HI

 Jessa Stein “I chose to attend Pitzer because of the Core Values. I wanted to go to a school that walked the walk, and Pitzer was the only school that I felt was really committed to their Core Values. The thought of social responsibility as a way of life is exactly what I wanted from a college. I also love that Pitzer is a member of the Claremont University Consortium. I cannot imagine going to a different college…I am excited and happy every day at school!”

Jessa Stein ‘17

Sociology and Public Health

Denver, CO

 claire-bacon-225x300 “I chose Pitzer because I felt a connection to the community. I took a Pitzer course before I matriculated and loved the students and the professor. I was lucky enough to experience these things as a Scripps student and then transfer to Pitzer. There are many reasons why I chose Pitzer, but the bright, engaged and passionate student body is at the top of the list.”

Claire Bacon ‘15

Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Flagstaff, AZ

 Enrique Romero “I chose to attend Pitzer because of the college environment. Academically, I benefit from the small classroom sizes and the interpersonal relationships I can develop with my professors. Socially, Pitzer is a close-knit community in which I can meet many new students while still having my immediate group of friends to provide me with the support I need to stay motivated.”

Enrique Romero ‘16

Sociology and Spanish

Richmond, CA

Stephen Moser
“I really love the people who attend Pitzer. The school has a vibe like nothing I have experienced anywhere else.”

Stephen Moser ‘15

Science, Technology & Society

San Diego, CA

 Amber Hassanein “My whole life is an example of intercultural understanding. I grew up with a Jewish American mother and a Muslim Egyptian father. It was very important to me that I be in an environment in which intercultural understanding was present. I wanted to demonstrate its importance in this world and help others seek past their desire to “help the women of Africa” towards something deeper.”

Amber Hassanein ‘15

Environmental Policy

Cairo, Egypt

 TG-Tam-Hong-e1411688114343 “The first time I visited Pitzer, I was very drawn to the sense of community here. Everybody is so open and accepting. I knew that attending Pitzer would encourage me to be as passionate as all of the people I met here when I was a prospective student. And it has!”

Tam Hong ‘16

Biomedical Ethics

Santa Barbara, CA

Mayra Sandoval “I knew Pitzer was the right school for me when I first set foot on its campus. The environment was incredibly welcoming, and as a first-generation student, it was critical for me to be in a place where I felt comfortable. Additionally, Pitzer’s Core Values and commitment to social justice aligned perfectly with my interests.”

Mayra Sandoval ‘16


Los Angeles, CA

 Mary Nash “Pitzer was the only college that immediately challenged me to do more with my college experience. After learning about the Core Values, meeting the incredibly welcoming community and discovering how much of a voice the students have, I realized that attending Pitzer was my opportunity to understand what my personal values really were.”

Mary Nash ‘15

Political Studies and Sociocultural Anthropology

Menlo Park, CA

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