Health and Fitness at Pitzer

One of my favorite parts of campus life is having access to our beautiful athletic facility. The Gold Student Center houses our gym, pool, pilates, and yoga studios. The GSC was just renovated last year so it is a really nice space.  Classes are offered almost every day of the week by professionals and students. The pilates studio is awesome; we have seven reformers so the classes are super small and there is lots of one on one time with the instructor. I also swim laps in the pool now and again, which is a nice way to take advantage of our California sunshine.

Another fun way to get some exercise is by taking a dance class. I am currently enrolled in two, ballet I and modern I. It’s great because we learn technique, theory, and some history of the art form. It is super challenging physically but a fun way to earn academic credit. There are many ways to stay active on campus that are both fun and convenient.

Posted by Anna Pleskunas ’15, 

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