Feasting with the Fam

There comes a time in every fall semester where a little break is needed from the daily grind of classes and work. Luckily for me, Thanksgiving break usually comes around at the perfect time for some much needed relaxation and family time. Fortunately, I live in San Diego, about 2 hours south of Claremont and so does one of my best friends. I hitched a ride with him and we also invited our friend from Portland to spend the break in sunny San Diego.

Going back home after a few stressful weeks is always a breath of fresh air and my main goals were to hang out with my younger brothers, hit up all of my favorite scenic spots and sleep for an excess of 8 hours a night. Although I was definitely happy to be home, my heart was heavy with the constant news and updates I was reading about Ferguson. Most of my free time consisted of reading thoughtful and critical articles about race relations and police brutality and I was delighted to see my friends on social media share a plethora of relative, insightful articles and information.

Before our Thanksgiving meal, my family has a tradition of going around the table and sharing something they are thankful for. I took this as my opportunity to educate and empower my family by sharing my thoughts on Ferguson, which ultimately led to a great conversation. I also shared the reasons why my Sociology professor prefers to use the term “Thanks-taking”! At the end of the day, I ended up spending quality time with my family, ate some great ham and stuffing, and showed gave me friend a personal tour of San Diego. It was the perfect amount of days to recharge my batteries and prepare for the coming three weeks filled with final papers, exams and some last-minute fun before the semester comes to a close.

Posted by Andrew Buitron ’15, Psychology & Chicana/o – Latino/a Studies