The Student Senate

One of the many things I love about going to Pitzer is being involved with Student Senate. It has been a wonderful environment to foster friendship, leadership and learn about the college’s governance. This year I hold two positions; I sit on the Campus Life Committee and am a student representative for the Alumni Board. Both positions are great and I love the groups I get to be a part of.

CLC is responsible for allocating many thousands of dollars each year to fund a variety of on campus programs. Being a voting member on this committee is so fun and we are able to bring really great events to campus. The Alumni Board is also something I’m very happy to be involved with. Last weekend we had our retreat with all our members and it was so lovely to meet some Pitzer Alumni. I think sometimes when we are here it is hard to remember that we belong to a much larger community then who is just currently on campus.

Student Senate has allowed me to engage with Pitzer and the larger community in a way that is so unique. I am proud to be part of school that gives students so much power to become involved on their campus. It has been a really integral part of my Pitzer experience.  If you’re interested in learning more about Student Senate take a look at our website!

Posted by Anna Pleskunas ’15, Philosophy and Art

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